Man Utd hardman Roy Keane was ‘horrible’ on the pitch but is nothing like you’d expect in real life, says ITV pundit

SCOTT BROWN has revealed that player personas are completely different from how they are on the pitch.

The former Celtic star built up a reputation as one of football’s hardmen.

ReutersScott Brown has revealed that Roy Keane is ‘lovely’ in real life[/caption]

Sky SportsThe former Man United hardman had a fierce reputation during his playing days[/caption]

The midfielder was an imposing figure on the pitch with his shaved head and piercing blue eyes.

But he has admitted that his style was done to “intimidate” the opposition.

He told The Telegraph: “It was more to intimidate people than anything.

“I shaved my head before every game and it was to look a bit harder, to look more aggressive, to show that I meant business.”

Now the manager of Fleetwood Town and an owner of a delightful quiff hairstyle, Brown has revealed that the persona of a hardman was one of the freedoms of being on the pitch.

He even suggested that the likes of Man United enforcer Roy Keane had the same style, but are perfectly “lovely” away from the grass.

He added: “You can be whoever you want to be on a football pitch but you need to make sure you are a winner.

“You can be the most hated guy in the world; or the nicest guy in the world.


“Look at Jamie Redknapp – the nicest man in football.

“And then you look at Roy Keane – probably a horrible man when he played.

“I never played against him but I can imagine he was horrible.

“Then you go and meet both and Jamie is a lovely man and so is Roy so there is no right way or wrong way.”

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