Iceland shoppers rush to buy dupe that ‘tastes better than KFC’

SHOPPERS have been flocking out to buy an Iceland product that “tastes better than KFC”.

Iceland is known for selling frozen foods, including microwave meals and veggies.

ICELANDIceland shoppers are rushing to buy the retailers southern fried gravy[/caption]

But it also stocks sauces too, including a southern fried chicken gravy which comes in a 300g and 350g size.

The 300g pot is currently on sale for £1 while the 350g pot is sold out.

And shoppers have been taking to Iceland’s website sharing glowing reviews of the sauce that they claim tastes better than KFC‘s.

One said: “I love this gravy it’s just like the KFC one it’s lovely I absolutely love it.”

A second fan said: “Absolutely lovely. Finished off my home homemade KFC perfectly.”

While a third added: “This gravy is so good I could literally bathe in it!!

“It tastes exactly like KFC gravy, I would even say its better!”

KFC’s gravy comes in two different sizes – regular and large.

The regular size costs £1.59 while the large size will set you back £2.19.

We’ve approached KFC to find out how much they both weigh to figure out how you might be able to save by buying at Iceland.

We will update this story when we have heard back.

It comes after KFC opened a pub where you could eat the colonel’s famous chicken alongside a pint of beer.

The boozer was even opened by footie legend Jimmy Bullard.

One KFC customer was left in shock after his bargain bucket came with 27 pieces of chicken missing.

How can I save money at KFC?

There’s a few ways you can save money and get hold of freebies at KFC.

You can currently get a six-piece chicken bucket for free on your first delivery order via the KFC app.

Plus, you can sign up to KFC’s Rewards Arcade, which offers customers the chance to win a number of prizes.

Fast food fans can win wings, fries, mini fillet burgers and more.

You just have to download the KFC app on to your phone via the Apple App Store or Google Play and register for the scheme.

You then use the app to order or you can get a QR code on the app which you’ll need to swipe at the till.

You should then get an invite after to the KFC Rewards Arcade where you can play a game and win free foods.

But you’ll need to spend a minimum £3 to be in with a chance of bagging a freebie.

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