My mum bought a £100 ‘purebred’ French bulldog – I could not contain my laughter when I saw the dog for the first time

A SON was left in fits of laughter after seeing his mum’s new dog for the first time.

TikTok user has posted his reaction after seeing the “purebred” French bulldog that his mum bought for £100.

TikTok/@bay0kmTikToker @bay0km posted his hilarious reaction to seeing his mum’s ‘purebred’ French bulldog[/caption]

TikTok/@bay0kmThe unusual looking pooch attracted a lot of comments on social media with some people saying the little dog looked more like a seal[/caption]

User @bay0km took to the social media site to post short clip with the caption “My my mum telling me she’s bought a pure bred French bulldog for £100.”

The video then quickly switches to a picture of the little grey dog sitting upright on a cushion, looking nothing like a French bulldog.

The little grey pup with a pink collar and white patch on its chest, has a very unique appearance and sparked lots of comments from fellow TikTokers.

The video has gained 8.3 million views and attracted 56.5k comments, with users quick to give their opinion on the precious pooch.

Quite a few users compared the dog to a seal, whilst someone else commented: “Sir that is experiment 626.”

Another person seemed quite taken with the little dog and said: “£100 is a bargain for the most perfect baby I have ever seen.”

Whilst someone else was less than impressed, and compared the pup to an alien.

The small dog certainly got a mixed reaction, with no one able to say for sure what mix of breed may have created its very unique look.

Whatever the little canine’s origins, it certainly has caused a stir on the social media site.

Another dog lover believed she had bought an expensive pug, but it grew up to be a completely different breed.

Instead of the pedigree pug she had paid for, Alfie the dog grew into an unidentified breed. Unfazed, the owner said: “but we love him, and bonus is, no health issues.”

Another TikTok user also told how she thought she had bought a “purebred” sausage dog, but the pup grew up to look like something completely different.

And a woman was also left stunned when she realised her purebred £1.7k goldendoodle puppy was not what its papers claimed it was.

GettyWhat a typical French bulldog looks like[/caption]

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