We paid £1,000 for pedigree mini English bulldog – but she won’t stop growing & now she is destroying the house

A WOMAN has told of her shock after spending a hefty £1,000 on a pedigree dog which won’t stop growing – it even destroyed her house.

TikToker beyondthemane_ bought an adorable mini English bulldog which she was told wouldn’t grown heavier than 9kg.

The little puppy looked like a real mini English Bulldog when the TikToker first bought itTikTok/beyondthemane

Now at 22kg, the woman has shared with her 700 followers how the dog has been turning her entire house upside down.

In a recent video captioned “scammed”, the New Jersey dog-mum showed a clip of her little puppy looking up into the camera from a sofa.

The caption read: “Breeder: she’s a mini English bulldog, she won’t be bigger than 20lbs”.

The shot of the innocent looking black, brown and white pup could not prepare viewers for what was about to come next.

The video then cuts to a shocking video of the dog, now much larger, with a chunk of the wall between her jaws.

“50lbs later destroying my entire house,” the caption read.

The content creator confirmed in her video that she was scammed by the breeder but doesn’t say how much she paid for the “pedigree” dog.

The breeds usually sell for around £1,000 to £4,000, but beyondthemane_ didn’t comment on exactly how much she spent on her mini English Bulldog.

Miniature English Bulldogs, also known as Teacup Bulldogs, usually weigh up to 18kg when fully grown.

This pup is a whopping 4kg over that and is still growing.

The video creator has continued to post videos with her dog and has said: “Watching you grow has been nothing short of amazing… you were not even touching 3lbs when I got you, and here you are today. The sweetest pup, my little Sagey”.

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She then grew into a 22k beast, shocking it’s owner who expected her to remain smallTikTok/beyondthemaneThe dog, Sage, can be seen with chuck of wall in her mouthTikTok/beyondthemaneShe is still growing an is already 4kg above the average weight of a mini BulldogTikTok/beyondthemane