Fashion whizz Trinny Woodall tests outs UK’s biggest Zara and reveals what the label sizes XS-XXL REALLY translate to

FASHION whizz Trinny Woodall visited the UK’s largest Zara and gave people a rundown on its ever-questioned sizing. 

The Spanish retailer is often criticised for its sizing guides, with its clothes assumed to run small and many shoppers opting to size up. 

YouTubeTrinny Woodall took people along to the UK’s biggest Zara[/caption]

YouTubeShe gave an expert breakdown into Zara sizing while there[/caption]

Zara sizes most of its closes from XS through to XXL.

Style guru Trinny took a trip to a mammoth store to give her followers some clarity on where they sit on that scale.

She said: “Somebody asked me the other day, ‘does Zara do a size 16?’

“And I deliberated on this because sometimes I see things really not working shown on models on the site.

“You know, just trying to promote curvy women and then we just think, ‘actually, how did that ever fit?’.”

Trinny went on to say that she uses medium sizes as a base mark and believes this translates to a size 10 in Zara.

By her logic then, an S translates to a size 8 and an XS translates to a size 6.

It makes an L a size 12, an XL a size 14 and an XXL a size 16.

Trinny, whose real name is Sarah-Jane, affirmed: “That’s how I read it.”

The 58-year-old is a British fashion and make-over adviser, designer, television presenter and author.

In 2016, she began her regular appearances on This Morning as their fashion style expert.

She is the in-house fashionista and also gives make-up tips to the viewers.

Trinny has now expanded her style advice to YouTube, where she shared herself dancing around the UK’s biggest Zara store in Battersea, London.

She pointed out what people should and shouldn’t buy from there, placing an emphasis on clothes with “a beautiful cut” that you will want to keep forever. 

Picking up and bright orange and pink cardigan, Trinny beamed: “I just look at that and I think ‘wowzer’.

“That just brings joy, doesn’t it? The colours are joyful.

“It’s using my favourite orange and pink – there’s something utterly joyful.

“Will it last? I don’t know?”

She suggested that most of Zara’s knitwear will begin to bobble and “look tired” after a few rounds in the washing machine. 

Trinny was a fan of the store’s suit options and challenged viewers to try out a different style of smart trousers than they’re used to. 

The most praised items of her mooch were a chunky pair of navy sparkly heels and the array of small handbags for nights out. 

YouTubeTrinny fell in love with a chunky pair of glittery heels but admitted they might be too high for her[/caption]

YouTubeThe fashion guru thought the mammoth store was laid out like a designer one[/caption]