Coronation Street cast: New, leaving and returning characters

SOAP bosses have teased an explosive year ahead and the shake-ups within the cast have already been numerous.

Here’s what you need to know about all the comings and goings so far in Coronation Street.

ITVWho has come and gone from Weatherfield so far?[/caption]

ITVTV star Amy Robbins appeared in Corrie as Daisy Midgeley’s estranged mother Christina[/caption]

Christina Boyd (Amy Robbins) – leaving

Many TV fans were happy to hear that actress Amy Robbins had been added to the Corrie line-up.

The former The Royal star rocked up the ITV cobbles as Daisy Midgeley’s estranged mother Christina Boyd in January, 2023.

Jenny Connor was far from pleased to see her and Daisy has had to rekindle their relationship amid her stalker ordeal.

But Amy Robbins’ guest stint was short-lived.

The 52-year-old confirmed she’s already filmed her last scenes as she will only appear for Daisy’s wedding to Daniel Osbourne.

“And so .. Christina bids a fond farewell to her beloved long suffering Daisy and her darling soon to be soon in law Daniel”, she penned on Instagram before tagging her co-stars Charlotte Jordan, Rob Mallard and Sally Ann Matthews.

“I shall miss you Thankyou ALL at Coronation Street for making me so welcome. As dream jobs go .. this one was hard to beat.”

Could she return?

GETTY IMAGESHollyoaks’ Ben Hull is joining Coronation Street[/caption]

Owen (Ben Hull) – joining

After her failed romance with Leo Thompkins, Jenny Connor will be kicking off Spring 2023 with a new love interest.

Former Hollyoaks star Ben Hull is joining the Corrie line-up in March as a man named Owen and the Rovers landlady will struggle to remain indifferent.

However, with a murderous Stephen Reid roaming around her, it could be hard for Jenny to form a connection with Owen without him ending up on the businessman’s hit list.

“Smooth-talking Owen will set the cat among the pigeons as the rep for an American company interested in Sarah and Michael’s new business”, a teaser read in Inside Soap.

“But it’s not just loungewear that Owen sets his sights on, once Jenny catches his eye.”

“What’s more, Stephen has invested in Michael and Sarah’s business, and won’t take kindly to someone muscling in on his turf. Is Owen set to give Stephen a run for his money?”

Will Stephen resort to murder again to eradicate his competition?

ITVJennie McAlpine will be leaving the cobbles[/caption]

Fiz Dobbs (Jennie McAlpine) – leaving

The year 2022 ended on a high note for Underworld machinist Fiz Stape as she FINALLY tied the knot with on-off flame Tyrone Dobbs.

But soap legend Jennie McAlpine had some great news of her own off-screen.

The actress recently announced she was expecting her third child with her husband Chris Farr.

“Alan [Halsall aka Tyrone Dobbs] was the first person I told”, she told OK! Magazine.

“I was thinking, ‘I might not be feeling brilliant and if you bring any butter near me I might feel sick’. We’ve been busy, so he’s really looked after me – and the bosses.”

“They all know and they’re all really happy. We might have to start hiding Fiz behind a washing basket again!”

As of January, 2023, the Fiz star is six months pregnant, meaning she’d be leaving our screens during the summer or earlier.

But will she be gone for long?

How will her exit be planned?

ITVJulia Goulding left Corrie to go on maternity leave[/caption]

Shona Platt (Julia Goulding) – returned

Julia Goulding deserted our screens recently as she recently gave birth to her second child, a daughter called Emmeline.

On-screen, Shona Platt took her and David’s daughter Lily to London to help her pursue her dream of being a professional footballer, leaving the barber to deal with Max Turner alone.

Jack P. Shepherd told Metro: “Shona’s gone to look after Lily in London. She’s on some footballing course that James Bailey’s organised.”

“He’s teaching her football and Shona’s looking after her down there, like a chaperone for six weeks while Julia’s on maternity leave.”

“So David’s the only one to try and sort Max out and hopefully stop him before it goes too far with all the right-wing stuff.”

Julia Goulding returned to Weatherfield in February, 2023, and delighted fans when she confirmed she was back on a permanent basis after her maternity leave.

On-screen, however, Shona was met with heartbreak when she found David had tried to kiss Maria Connor while drunk.

ITVLauren was Max Turner’s girlfriend[/caption]

Lauren Bolton (Cait Fitton) – left

While Griff proceeded to groom Max Turner in an attempt to get him to join his far-right group, the lad turned his sights to Recce Bolton’s daughter, Lauren.

Much like Max who was been influenced by Griff, the teen was embroiled in the gang’s activities by her father, an active member of the group.

Griff thus used her to get to Max and convince him to join the dark side.

Lauren was first introduced to viewers in November, 2022, and fans of the Manchester-based drama begged for Max to call it quits.

But Lauren didn’t last long in Weatherfield as actress Cait Fitton confirmed she’d be leaving the soap in the new year.

“Wow! What an incredible few months it has been on the cobbles!”, she wrote on Instagram, captioning a shot of her laughing with Max Turner actor Paddy Bever.

“I want to start off by saying how grateful I am to all my family, friends and of course the supporters of the show who have taken the time out to reach out and show their support.”

“It has truly been an experience of a lifetime!”

Prior to her exit, Lauren finally managed to redeem herself by calling the police with Max and telling them all about a bomb which had been planted at Maria Connor’s Peace Market.

She left Weatherfield to go live with her mother in January, 2023.

ITVTeddy is another victim of Stephen’s[/caption]

Teddy Thompkins (Grant Burgin) – left

Speaking of Stephen Reid’s hit list, Grant Burgin‘s Teddy Thompkins was unable to escape the murderer’s wrath.

During the festive season, Teddy grew more and more suspicious of Stephen but was run over after a tense confrontation with the murderer.

Thankfully for him, Teddy survived the incident with no recollection of their conversation, thus allowing Stephen to catch a break from all his scheming.

But that didn’t last long as Teddy soon began to remember his conversation with Stephen – and solved the mystery of his son Leo’s disappearance.

In doing so, however, he made it clear to Stephen he couldn’t be trusted and was thus killed in violent scenes aired in January, 2023.

ITVJustin is Daisy Midgeley’s stalker[/caption]

Justin (Andrew Still) – joined

Former Hollyoaks and Waterloo Road star Andrew Still made his Corrie debut when his character, Justin, bumped into Daisy Midgeley by chance at the hospital.

At the time, Daisy was terrified she may have to battle breast cancer, but she was given the all-clear.

Unfortunately, Justin took a deep liking to her and this developed into an unhealthy obsession.

Justin has been relentlessly stalking Daisy as she gets ready to walk down the aisle with Daniel Osbourne.

How far will he go?

ITVCiaran Griffiths is joining the Corrie line-up[/caption]

Damon Hay (Ciaran Griffiths) – left

The end of the year brought a new tough man to Weatherfield.

Former Shameless actor Ciaran Griffiths joined the line-up as Jacob Hay’s father, Damon.

Jacob was shocked to see his father rock up the cobbles after cleaning up his act and enjoying a happy relationship with Amy Barlow.

Speaking of the new arrival, Coronation Street producer Iain MacLeod said: “Damon is charming and likeable on the surface but we will soon see he is much more complicated than that as he goes on to have an explosive impact, both in Jacob’s life and beyond.”

Damon, who is none other than Harvey Gaskell’s brother, became involved in business at the Bistro by smuggling drugs.

He was eventually arrested in early February, 2023, although there is room for him to return.

His deeds also caused his son Jacob’s departure from the cobbles.


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ITVJacob was pressured to leave Weatherfield[/caption]

Jacob Hay (Jack James Ryan) – left

As mentioned above, Jacob managed to get back on to the straight and narrow with help from his girlfriend Amy.

But when his father rocked up the Street, he was thrown into a tricky corner.

In heart-breaking scenes aired in January, 2023, Jacob was pressured by Damon over missing drugs and insisted he’d need to leave Weatherfield for good.

The lad broke Amy’s heart by making her believe he was dabbling in crime again and departed in a taxi.

His sudden exit left fans scratching their heads.

Jack has since been cast in a dark comic thriller called Passenger, which will also air on ITV.

ITVRobert Shaw Cameron appears in the ITV soap as Sean’s new boyfriend Laurence[/caption]

Laurence Reeves (Robert Shaw Cameron) – left

Following his breakup with Frank, Sean bumped into handsome dentist Laurence.

Since his arrival, the latter has everyone wrapped around his little finger.

But after charming Sean, trust issues emerged when it became apparent that he wasn’t being fully honest about who he is.

It was then confirmed that he wasn’t the most upfront of partners after he kissed Todd Grimshaw, betraying Sean’s trust.

Todd and his mother Eileen decided to look more into his past and he could be keeping a deep dark secret involving infidelity and murder.

Eventually, Laurence was faced with the accusation of murdering his wife and, profoundly hurt, left Sean behind in February, 2023 – but fans are still expecting him to be more dangerous than he makes himself out to be.

Will he be seen again?

Coronation Street airs every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 8pm on ITV.