Rishi Sunak’s ‘Strasbourg Brake’ is a laudable attempt to stop small boats

Braking point

SERIOUS politicians know Britain must stop the small boats, via a robust and uncompromising deterrent.

And that as long as France refuses to take illegal migrants back, no solution will be simple.

GettyRishi Sunak will need steel to get his new Illegal Migration Bill through Westminster and the courts[/caption]

Rishi Sunak’s “Strasbourg Brake” is a laudable attempt to change the game.

By bypassing the European Convention on Human Rights his law will ensure no illegal arrival ever gets asylum, that deportations happen in days and that loopholes cynically used by human rights lawyers are closed.

It also increases legal routes for genuine refugees — which is fair, though those must be watertight against cheats. Our confidence there is not high.

Labour MPs brand all this a “gimmick” because they have nothing useful to say on this scandal, nor a policy to end it.

Most still believe all migrants to be war refugees even when it is laughably false.

The public wants this flagrant abuse of our borders to end even if Labour, the Lib-Dems, SNP, Twitter and leftie ­lawyers oppose anything to ensure it.

The PM will need steel to get it through Westminster and the courts. Most voters will be cheering him on.

Ship of fuels

HOW often do Treasury officials fill up their car? Once a month? Less?

They get the Tube to work — and doubtless imagine the rest of Britain catches a bus or train too.

Which may be why they have so little idea how hard a fuel duty rise will hit the vast majority beyond the M25 who rely on their motor every day for work.

In London just 27 per cent commute by car. That percentage is in the 70s almost everywhere else. In the Midlands it’s 80. In Wales, 81.

For years The Sun has successfully campaigned to freeze fuel duty — a tax which damages the economy and hammers skint families, especially now with pump prices still at ruinous highs.

Jeremy Hunt must not be the first Chancellor in a decade to surrender to well-heeled officials who think fleecing drivers is painless. It’s not, Chancellor.

Listen to us. Keep it frozen.

So coy, Keir

WHAT is Keir Starmer hiding about how he hired Sue Gray as his chief of staff?

Why is Labour’s leader reduced to reciting scripted bluster over exactly when he and this “neutral” civil servant began their secret negotiations, even as she was advising the Tory Government?

Were they doing so in December when she opposed the blocking of Scotland’s mad policy on transgender teens, which much of Labour also backs?

The Tories claim her outrageous hire breaks four civil service rules. Is that why Starmer is so coy and his party so rattled?

He always demands transparency from the Government. When will he publish all HIS conversations with Gray?