I’m taking back control of UK borders once and for all, Labour has no plan to stop the boats & they don’t want to either

THE UK has a proud history of welcoming those most in need — with thousands opening their homes to Ukrainian refugees in the last year and providing help to those fleeing from persecution in Hong Kong.

But those arriving on small boats aren’t directly fleeing a war-torn country or facing an imminent threat to life.

PAI’m taking back control of UK borders once and for all, writes Rishi Sunak[/caption]

GettyRishI Sunak will unveil new laws in order to stop small boats crossing the Channel[/caption]

Instead, they have travelled through safe, European countries before crossing the Channel.

The fact that they can do so is unfair on those who come here legally and enough is enough.

In January, I made it one of my five promises to the country to stop the boats — and today we are bringing forward new laws to do so.

I know Sun readers have heard promises before. Previous Bills have made a start on gripping this problem, but what we are announcing today takes that work forward.

It will mean that those who come here on small boats can’t claim asylum here.

This new law will send a clear signal that if you come to this country illegally, you will be swiftly removed.

That’s the right and fair thing to do, especially for those who are being exploited by criminal gangs and putting their lives at risk to come here.

Unlike Labour who have voted against taking action on this issue, this government has a plan to break the business model of people ­smugglers.

A plan to do what’s fair for those at home and those who have a legitimate claim to asylum — a plan to take back control of our borders once and for all.

What is Labour’s plan?

Not only do they have no plan to stop the boats, they don’t want to either.