I’m a bodybuilder at 62 – I’m still in top shape & I could still out lift you, here’s how I do it

FORMER Mr Universe Lee Labrada revealed the top tips that let him outlift youngsters in the gym at the impressive age of 62.

The retired professional bodybuilder has gained traction on social media for his impressive longevity when it came to staying in shape.

leelabradaofficial/InstagramAt 62, Lee labrada is more ripped than ever[/caption]

leelabradaofficial/InstagramThe former pro-bodybuilder still hits the gym regularly[/caption]

Labrada had an illustrious career in bodybuilding, which saw him take out the Mr Universe title in 1985 and placing in the top four at Mr Olympia for seven consecutive years.

In 2004, his feats did not go unnoticed and he was inducted into the IFBB Pro-bodybuilding Hall of Fame.

However, at 62-years-old, the veteran has continued to raise the bar, leaving amateurs awe-inspired.

Labrada told Fitness Volt, there were a few easy habits that ensured longevity.

He said: “Bodybuilding is the closest thing we have to the fountain of youth.

“Exercise regularly, eat clean year-round, get lots of rest… live the lifestyle.”

In 1992, Labrada was at his prime and weighed 190lbs and stood at 5’6.

He could bench press a staggering 450lb and squat 500lb.

Now past his days of competing, Labrada also offered some secret mindset advice.

He said: “For me, winning was always about focusing on the details.

“Giving away a 30-40lb advantage to my larger competitors made me work very hard to control those factors that a lot of competitors overlooked; balance, symmetry, conditioning, posing, onstage poise, skin color to name a few.

“I knew that if I was even off a little, then I was toast.

“I never used a prep coach so I had complete control over every aspect of my preparations as I entered competitions.

“This forced me to learn my body and made repeating the peaking phase easier with each succeeding show.

“It also gave me a greater degree of accountability to myself.

“Winning or losing was on me and I’m grateful to God for all the wisdom and discernment that he instilled in me through the trial and error, the wins and the losses.”

Keen lifters joined in the conversation on Instagram and commended Labrada for his exceptional standards.

“Excellent analytical approach, which yielded great results,” an Instagram user said.

“Always an inspiration Lee, mass with class,” one said.

When it comes to nutrition, Labrada stressed making proper dietary choices that maximised muscle restoration.

Furthermore, he claimed eating whole food meals, consisting of carbohydrates and protein 90 minutes before a workout was best when looking to increase muscle mass.

In another Instagram post, Labrada shared an exercise that offered massive gains but did not load the body with too much stress.

He said: “Belt squats… Love this exercise because it keeps loading off of my spine and because of the stability afforded by the hand holds, I can adjust my form to stress either the quads or glutes more.

“If your gym has one, try this.”

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leelabradaofficial/InstagramA before and now photo comparison of Labrada[/caption]

leelabradaofficial/InstagramIn 1992, the man was at his prime[/caption]

leelabradaofficial/InstagramHe regularly posts on Instagram, motivating amateur lifters[/caption]