I’m a gym lover – I showed off my ‘hot girl’ workout and people tell me to ‘keep going’

Obviously, looking good sometimes takes a little effort.

A gym girl showed off her ‘hot girl’ workout and people encouraged her to keep up the good work.

Soraya, a fitness influencer, shared her ‘hot girl’ workout routineTikTok/ sorayadoumani

Soraya Doumani (@sorayadoumani), a fitness influencer based in Los Angeles, switches up her routine to make sure she’s working out her entire body.

“Hot girls hit upper body,” she said as she pulled and lifted heavy machinery in a hoodie and leggings.

She made sure to do simpler exercises without machines too, spending time with handheld weights.

People took to the comments to share their encouragement.

“She’s sculpted,” said one supporter.

“Keep going on,” said another.

Others were glad to hear her advice for motivation.

“Yes ma’am,” said one obedient commenter.

Others were excited to recognize the influencer’s workout fit.

“I got the same leggings QUEEN,” said a fellow gym-goer.

People encouraged her to keep goingTikTok/ sorayadoumani