I’m ‘team no bra’ – there’s a certain day when even sports bras are banned, and I think everyone should follow suit

A WOMAN who is a proud member of team no bra has shared that there’s a particular day you should go bra-free.

She says sports bras are not an exception, and choosing to wear the undergarment can completely ruin your day.

TikTok/ hannah_trotterA woman has shared that there’s a specific day you should ditch a bra[/caption]

“If you are a soon-to-be bride stop and watch this,” photographer Hannah Trotter (@hannah_trotter) said in a TikTok video.

“I have a super important tip that you all need to know going into your wedding day.

“When your eyeballs open on that Saturday, Friday, Sunday – whenever you’re getting married – until the time you have that dress on, do not put a real bra on.

“Don’t let it touch you.”

She continued: “A sports bra, no. Real bra, no. You can maybe wear like a loose cami, but nothing even like this that’s padded with an under bra, no.

“I cannot tell you the amount of times that a girl has put on her dress, with a sheer backing, open back – which 90 percent of dresses are – and there are bra lines across her back.”

She put a picture on the screen to demonstrate what she was referring to.

“This is legitimately a picture from my wedding yesterday. I just took it on my phone just for a little sneak peak on my story, but, look at the bra lines.

“This happens all the time and it can be prevented.

“Yes you can photoshop it out in photos, but it can’t be taken out of videos so – don’t do it,” she stressed.

“Just let your girls breathe.”

People in the comments section of the clip were grateful for the tips.

“Such a great tip! I would have never thought of that till it was too late lol,” one person wrote.

“Such great advice!” added a second.

TikTok/ hannah_trotterIt will make things way easier for you[/caption]