What Sir Alex Ferguson brutally shouted at Nani after Man Utd star was victim of horror Jamie Carragher tackle

SIR ALEX FERGUSON’S brutal reaction to Nani after he was the victim of a horror challenge from Jamie Carragher has been revealed.

The infamous incident occurred in 2011 at Anfield during Liverpool’s 3-1 victory over Manchester United.

GettyNani was left in tears after a brutal challenge from Jamie Carragher in 2011[/caption]

AlamySir Alex Ferguson had a brutal response when he saw his winger crying[/caption]

During the feisty first half, Reds legend Carragher lunged at United’s Portuguese winger and was duly booked for the X-rated challenge.

Nani’s shin was left with a gaping wound, forcing him to be taken off at half-time, as his team-mates raced over to confront Carragher.

However, now an ex-colleague has recalled how their anger turned to embarrassment when they saw tears running down Nani’s cheeks – which led to a fierce Fergie response.

Patrice Evra, speaking to Rio Ferdinand on the FIVE podcast, said: “You remember Anfield when Nani got tackled by Jamie Carragher?

“I remember he got butchered he nearly broke his leg.

“We started fighting with Liverpool players, Steven Gerrard, and then Scholsey [Paul Scholes] came and he saw Nani crying. He said ‘f*** that, let’s go’.

‘”After that Ferguson gave him two weeks off because he says he needed to recover from that because we were waiting for him because in that team we didn’t care we were ready to kill him.

“Because you know someone crying at Anfield… and even Ferguson, you remember when he said: ‘I hope your legs are f*****g broken I really hope your legs are broken’.”


Evra added: “Ferguson always wanted to kill Nani when he was falling on the floor, saying you can’t be a United player and doing that.”

Ferdinand added: “We all run over because it was such a bad tackle and everyone’s pushing.

“Scholesy came and looked at Nani and saw him crying and said ‘nah’, and walked off, just walked off. He said he ‘can’t defend that’.”