People are only just realising the easy way to remove plasters without it hurting… and it’s all about how you pull them

A MAN has revealed there’s an easy way to pull a plaster off without it hurting, and people have been left stunned.

Sidney Raz, from the US, took to TikTok to show how pulling it off the correct way can save you a bunch of pain.

Tiktok – @sidneyrazSidney Raz shared the hack on TikTok leaving many people stunned[/caption]

Tiktok – @sidneyrazThe easy solution didn’t convince everyone though[/caption]

Sidney, who often shares life hacks, was stunned when he found out the correct way to remove a plaster without it hurting, and he wasn’t alone.

People were stunned after he shared the hack on his TikTok account, @sidneyraz.

In the video, he said: “Here’s something I didn’t know until I was in my 30s.

“Band Aids can be taken off without pain.”

He demonstrates the hack by putting a plaster on his arm.

Instead of peeling the plaster away from his arm, he takes a corner and pulls it up.

The other side of the plaster instantly releases and the plaster comes off in a second.

Stunned, he exclaimed: “I didn’t, I didn’t even feel that happen.

“I didn’t even, hmm, that was.

“Pull up the Band Aid.”

The video has since gone viral with over 510k views and over 32k likes.

People were shocked by the simple solution, so much so some people claimed it was ‘sorcery.’

One wrote: “No what is this sorcery.”

Another person commented: “What kind of dark magic it is?”

“Where was that all these years when my kids were little,” penned a third.

A fourth added: “So many years of unnecessary pain.”

However, it seems not everyone was convinced it would really come off pain free.

One person claimed: “Try that again after two days of wearing it, when the sticky parts melted into your hairs and pores through body temperature.”

Another suggested: “No way. I don’t buy it. It just popped off like it was barely sticking to you. Try a fabric plaster then I’ll believe it.”

A third commented: “So do it with band aid brand or the old fabric one after it’s been on for a day.”