I’m a gardening expert and these four houseplants are perfect if you’re a plant killer – they can survive anything

ADDING plants to your home is more than just an interior design choice, the green friends have loads of hidden benefits too.

These leafy plants are almost impossible to kill, making them perfect for those of us who forget to water them or give them the sunlight they need.

GettyCacti are super easy to keep alive if you don’t have a green thumb[/caption]

GettyOrchids are the perfect choice if you want to add a bit of colour to your home[/caption]

Speaking to Express.co.uk an expert from Plants123 shared the four best options if you want to reap the rewards of houseplants but can’t stand the upkeep.

They explained: “Finding the right plant is like matchmaking. Plants all need different levels of care, which not everyone will realise when initially buying a new addition.”


When it comes to plants that are almost impossible to kill – the trusty cactus take the trophy.

In fact, if you’ve struggled to keep cacti alive in the past it’s probably because you gave it too much TLC, according to the plant pro..

Water this plant monthly, making sure the soil has completely dried out each time, and let it thrive in a sunny spot.


Not only are orchids stunning to look at, they’re actually loads easier to take care of than most people realise.

They need watering a little more often than other low-maintenance options – weekly or biweekly should do the trick.

Orchids also need to be kept somewhere with indirect light and high humidity for the best results.

Pineapple plant

When it comes to looking for plants for your home, Pineapple plants might not be the first that come to mind, but they’re the perfect choice according to the pro.

He explained: “Pineapple plants have bags of personality and absorb water through their leaves, so they need little watering.

“They do, however, love light, so try to keep them by a window.”

The leafy plant is a great showstopper and is bound to get guests talking as well.

Aloe Vera

Another plant that’s almost impossible to kill is Aloe Vera, since it only needs watering when the soil it totally dry and can last for years and years if cared for correctly.

“It might need repotting every 12 to 18 months to allow it to reach its full potential,” the plant expert noted.

Aloe Vera is also known for it’s “healing properties” making it the perfect plant to have on hand.

GettyAloe Vera is one of the easiest plants to keep alive[/caption]