My wedding reception was ruined & I left in tears when 88 guests said yes & over half didn’t show up & I paid a fortune

A BRIDE has shared a heartbreaking video of her half empty wedding reception after more than half guests never showed up.

Gray Dragion shared footage of her wedding with her partner Nyx Navavaez in a TikTok video.

Gray said her wedding reception was ruined when more than half of her wedding guest never showed uptiktok/@grayanxietytiktok/@grayanxietyThe bride Gray said she left in tears[/caption]

She said: “88 people say yes… not even 40 showed up.”

The couple were left in tears during their reception.

Gray said: “We literally sat in the empty ceremony room together and cried.”

Gray said she ended her reception early because there was such a small turnout.

She claimed her parents and her in-laws were not on good terms with her and her partner.

She said: “Ended reception early, Nyx’s family immediately left after pictures, my mum didn’t say a single word to me until my dad made her.”

The bride said some of her wedding plans were completely cancelled.

She said: “Cancelled my dream send off, cancelled dinner at my favourite place, the DJ felt so bad he made us use the photo booth.”

The bride heartbreakingly revealed she had spent a lot of money on her wedding reception.

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She said: “I spent so much trying to make this enjoyable for everyone. I have magnets and soap gifts made for everyone… and I have so much left.”

Gray said her partner had taken the time to make individual favours for all the guests.

She said: “Nyx [her partner] made spell jars and we were up until 2:30 this morning trying to make this enjoyable for everyone. Most of my money was spent on things for the guests…”

But unfortunately very few guests actually showed up.

Gray said: “Almost no one showed. Looking at our magnets makes me bawl… I can’t even use my custom made soap samples because that makes me cry too.”

She said: “Why didn’t they show up? I spent so much f**king time trying to make everyone feel included.”

Gray’s video went viral with over 3.9 million views and viewers were in shock after seeing her heartbreaking footage.

One user said: “Send a bill for the food to whoever RSVP’d yes and didn’t show up for basically the most important day of your life.”

Another said: “This is why I cancelled my wedding planning and eloped. Because my anxiety couldn’t handle the embarrassment I’d feel at having an empty wedding.”

A third viewer said: “I see these videos and it is so hard for me to understand. I’m from Brazil, people never miss anything and even ask to bring extra people!!!”