My landlord evicted me for the most ridiculous reason after I kept a tiny secret from her – now I’m facing the streets

AN ENRAGED landlord has evicted a tenant for the most ridiculous reason after they kept a tiny secret from her.

Jack, from Sydney, Australia, now faces potential homelessness as he scrambles to find another rental in an unrelenting housing crisis.

RedditA picture of the text message sent from the landlord to Jack[/caption]

The tenancy dispute came to a head when Jack invited some friends over for a sleepover after a night out.

The man currently rents his landlord’s granny flat, making any unwelcome guests easy for the homeowner to spot.

However, the late night saga left the landlord fuming, in which Jack was barraged with aggressive text messages the following morning.

He shared the text messages on Reddit, which read: “Just to let you know that three freeloaders walked out of my private garden this morning.

“Like to explain that to me.”

The landlord then followed it up with another message axing the tenancy.

The message read: “With much regret I decided not to lease the granny flat out any further.

“Notice is now given to you to vacate the property within the legal period of three months or 13 weeks (or earlier) effective from February 27 to May 26, 2023.

“Good luck to you.”

Amid New South Wales’ current rental crisis, Jack had no option but to plead his case – otherwise he could face not having a home to live in.

He said: “What do you mean [free] loaders.

“My friends stayed over after a night out – I’m allowed to do that.

“Does this have anything to do with yesterday.”

Jack explained he already agreed on a rent increase to allow his girlfriend access to his flat casually.

He said: “She also previously increased rent in exchange for me being able to have my girlfriend over once a week.

“This woman is literally insane.”

In response to the harsh treatment, a government customer service group, Fair Trading NSW, investigated the incident.

The spokesman told 7NEWS: “Residential tenancy laws do not require a tenant to seek permission when inviting guests and visitors to stay at the premises on a casual basis.

“The grounds on which a tenancy can be terminated varies depending on whether the original period of the lease is still current or has ended.

“During the fixed term, there are limited grounds for termination, such as a breach of the tenancy agreement.

“A landlord can also provide notice of termination effective from the end of the fixed term of the agreement.

“If a tenant does not agree with the termination of their tenancy, rent increase or payment of the rental bond they can also lodge a dispute with the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal.”

Jack claimed he has never had contact with a rental agent and now believed his tenancy was illegitimate.

He said: “This comment has me questioning whether this is even being rented legitimately or not.

“I’ve never had any contact with any agents or anything, I just signed the ‘lease’ and started paying rent through bank transfer.

“I’ve asked for a copy of the lease I signed because I can’t find it.”

Tenant woes have trended online, driving heated debates on social media.

An angry renter took revenge on their landlord by covering every wall of the property with graffiti.

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