My motto is ‘no bras, just vibes’ – I haven’t worn any in months and I shame my friends who still do

A YOUNG woman has shared how adamant she is of her motto “no bra, just vibes” in a video.

She clarified how she had not worn one in months and makes sure to tell all her friends to do the same.

TikTok/ ab_stinenceTikTok user Abby has lived the ‘no bra, just vibes’ lifestyle for months[/caption]

She shared her opinion in a popular TikTok videoTikTok/ ab_stinence

Abby (@ab_stinence) is a 23-year-old content creator based in Denver.

The Colorado resident enjoys all things fashion and style-related, all while living a bra-free lifestyle.

In a TikTok video, she documented her severe dislike for the garment and how she encourages all in her life to do the same.

“NO BRA GANG. I HAVEN’T WORN ONE IN MONTHS,” the video’s caption boldly read.

When the video began, the content creator panned the camera down from above her and said “no bras, just vibes.”

Her lean body was on full display as she wore a purple patterned halter crop top and light-wash jeans.

“This was made by the small t*tty gang,” she added.

Soon after, she turned her camera around to show off the women who are also in the room with her.

Abby approached a large-chested woman in a black spaghetti strap shirt who was also braless and exuded “vibes.”

In juxtaposition, she brought attention to two other women who wore bras and gave off “bad vibes” in her opinion.

It was apparent what side she wanted everyone on in the bra debate.

Many women were also in agreement with the blonde beauty’s motto.

“AS IT SHOULD BE,” one viewer commented.

“I haven’t worn a real bra in years… just bralettes. I wish I could be free, but I’m too large,” another shared.

“Yes queen,” another praised.

“Absolute vibes,” a fan wrote in support.

Abby showed other women in the room with her who were both wearing and not wearing brasTikTok/ ab_stinence