I’m fat and have a bum at the front – my butt is so flat that I have to wear bikini bottoms back to front

A WOMAN who loves showing off her curves has revealed they aren’t in the typical place most people find them.

Katrina, who is known as @katdaddy1994 on TikTok has revealed her bum is on the wrong side of her body.

TikTok/@katdaddy1994Katrina revealed her front bum is so big that she has to wear her bikini bottoms back to front[/caption]

TikTok/@katdaddy1994Here, Katrina says she’s the ‘fattest and hottest’ she’s ever looked[/caption]

TikTok/@katdaddy1994The body-positive influencer was praised in the comments[/caption]

In a recent TikTok video, the plus-size beauty revealed she had a front bum instead of one at the back.

In the short clip, the body-positive influencer said: “When your butt’s in the front instead of the back.”

Over the clip, she used the song ‘Heartbroken,’ the lyrics went: “I’m heartbroken without your love.”

Clearly unfazed by what trolls might say, Katrina, stuck her middle finger up at the camera.

She then showed off her ‘front bum’ and gave TikTok viewers a dance.

In another clip, Katrina wrote: “I need a girl whose booty is in the front instead of the back.”

She mimed: “What you looking for, we’ve got what you’re looking for.”

“BIG BELLY FLAT BOOTY GANG,” she captioned the post.

The videos have gone viral with over 160k views and over 15,000 likes.

In the comments section, one viewer revealed they had to wear their bikini back to front because their front bum was larger than the back.

They wrote: “I wear bathing suit bottoms backwards.”

Katrina replied: “OMG me too!”

Others praised Katrina for spreading body positivity and self-love.

One person wrote: “I feel represented omg.”

Another commented: “Yes, I deal with this every day. You look hot btw.”

“Girl same, we cute though,” penned a third.

In a separate video, Katrina hit back at trolls who claimed she couldn’t wear a bikini because of her body shape.

The fashion fan, who has more than 35k followers, turned to show both the front and back of the black bikini.

The blogger made sure she showed off every part of her body in the shot – and said it was “perfect”.

In the video, Katrina said: “So this might be the fattest that I’ve ever been but booty has never looked better. Fupa – immaculate. 

“Yiddies – perfection. Coincidence, I think not.”

The 28-year-old also wrote in the caption: “Fattest and hottest.”