Mrs Hinch cleaning fan reveals the 10p hack to banish stubborn limescale with NO scrubbing involved

REMOVING stubborn limescale stains can feel like a never-ending task.

Luckily, Mrs Hinch cleaning fans have revealed the easy way to banish stubborn limescale stains without scrubbing.

GettyCleaning fans revealed the 10p hack to banish limescale stains[/caption]

Limescale is often found when water evaporates leaving behind calcium and magnesium and can slowly turn brown over time.

It’s often found around taps and toilets and can be a nuisance to remove.

Fortunately, one cleaning whizz has revealed an easy way to remove it without any harsh chemicals or scrubbing.

Ever since Sophie Hinchcliffe rose to fame on Instagram, people have become obsessed with finding the easiest and cheapest ways to clean their homes.

Mrs Hinch’s army of cleaning fans have dedicated social media pages to share their own cleaning tips.

In one such group, a woman revealed her favourite way to banish the annoying marks and all it involves is white vinegar and tissue.

The cleaning whizz revealed she soaked the tissue paper in white vinegar and left it on top of the stains to absorb the white vinegar.

After leaving it on for 48 hours, the stubborn stains were wiped off without the need for scrubbing.

She wrote: “Cleaners, I’ve always been an advocate for vinegar to remove limescale. And also said it takes patience.

“I recently soaked toilet paper in vinegar and applied it to the relevant spots. Life intervened and I didn’t get back to it for almost 48 hours.

“The limescale basically wiped off. Wow. So happy. Vinegar and patience are the solution. Good luck.”

You can purchase Stardrops White Vinegar Multi-Purpose Cleaning Spray for 99p from Asda and £1 from The Range.

Using 75ml of the spray alongside a few sheets of toilet paper will cost you just 10p to spot treat stains.

People were quick to thank the woman for her recommendation and couldn’t wait to give it a go.

One wrote: “Thanks for sharing. I started using vinegar and water on a limescale area which was good but had to rub hard.

“Will definitely try soaking the tissue for hours. I definitely believe you don’t always need lots of expensive cleaning fluids.”

Another person commented: “Thank you for sharing! I will try this.”

InstagramMrs Hinch rose to fame thanks to her cleaning tips[/caption]