I got dress-coded at work for not wearing a bra… I confronted my boss and was left stunned by the response

A WOMAN who was dress-coded at work for not wearing a bra has revealed her employer’s incredible response when she confronted them about it.

Claire took to TikTok to share a video of herself wearing a white T-shirt, as she wrote over the top: “Gets dress coded at work for not wearing a bra.”

Claire got dress-coded at work for not wearing a braTikTok/@girlbossclaireeShe took to TikTok to share a video explaining how she responded to the dress-codingTikTok/@girlbossclaireeAfter confronting her employer, she received an email saying that they’d “got rid of the dress code”TikTok/@girlbossclairee

“Sends an email to confront my employer,” she continued.

After that, she made “a template for other girls to do the same”.

People took to the comments section to weigh in on her video, with one writing: “At work you gotta be professional, no bra is a casual thing.”

“Really depends where you work but you should follow the dress code they set out regardless,” another wrote.

“If there is a formal dress code they can write you up for it,” a third commented.

“It’s not dress codes when it is work. It’s called work appropriate,” someone else wrote.

“Yeah they can most certainly just fire you for not following the dress code,” another added.

Claire responded to that comment with another video, as she explained: “Actually they got rid of the dress code because of me.”

She then shared an email she’d received from her employer, which read: “After consulting with out Title IX Coordinator, we will be removing ‘Dress Code’ from our Advisor Professional Code document, which is a document that we review will all new Peers upon hire. 

“This document will now read: Work attire – This is a professional office environment; we would ask that you use your best judgement when reporting to work each day.

“We would not describe ourselves as ‘formal’ but rather as a ‘business casual’ office setting.”

They concluded their email by writing: “Feel free to reach out if you have additional questions or concerns.”

“I’m so proud of you,” one commented on the video.

“Good job ma’am,” another added.

“This is amazing!! This is exactly what feminism is all about!!!” a third wrote.

“that’s not getting rid of it. just renaming it….” someone else argued.

To which Claire replied: “Did you not read it? They cannot enforce regulations, it’s at your own discretion now.”