Love Island’s Kaz Crossley reveals her hair is falling out after being jailed in Dubai

LOVE Island star Kaz Crossley has revealed her hair is falling out, after she was jailed in Dubai.

The reality star had been locked up with 30 women for days in the United Arab Emirates.

instagramLove Island’s Kaz Crossley has revealed her hair loss after recent ‘stress’[/caption]

instagramThe star shared two photos and asked fans for advice[/caption]

instagramKaz looked stunning in a photo shared from a beach in Abu Dhabi[/caption]

Kaz, 28, had been detained at Abu Dhabi airport in transit for a flight to Thailand.

She was taken away to be quizzed by Dubai police as part of a probe into a two-year old video of her snorting a substance.

The reality TV star was later freed without charge, and she’s since arrived in the Dominican Republic to celebrate her best friends birthday, but shared a look at her hair loss on the plane.

Kaz shared an initial photo with a headband on, then in the following two snaps she reveals a patch on her head where she’s experienced hair loss.

In one photo Kaz laid on the bed and in another she could be seen on a plane with her head down showing off the loss of hair.

The 28-year-old wrote: “Due to recent stress, I’m experiencing hair loss. It’s got a lot thinner, I also have a small bald patch right at the front of my head. Im trying to cover it by changing my parting or wearing one of my @kazbands (of course) but when I tie my hair up it’s still so noticeable. In all honesty Im pretty sure it’s getting worse.

“I’m not usually one to care too much about what I look like but its starting to affect my confidence.

“If anyone has gone through something similar I’d really appreciate your advice or any products/treatments you’d recommend. Feel free to comment below, you’d really be helping me out and hopefully others reading this too.”

After being freed without charge, Kaz previously said to fans: “I am safe, thank you for all your kind messages.

“I want to take some time to reflect before I comment on the past few days.

“Grateful for so much right now. We are so blessed…”

Emirates authorities probed a two-year-old video of her snorting a suspicious white substance at a party[/caption]