I’m a cleaning pro & there’s a reason your clothes are stiff when putting them to dry – here’s how to fix it in seconds

A CLEANING whizz has revealed how to make your laundry soft when putting it to dry – and it’s easier than you’d think.

The plummeting temperatures mean most of us are drying our washing indoors – but this can often make your garments stiff and unpleasant to wear.

GettyAccording to one expert, making your clothes softer is easier than you’d think[/caption]

Ann said it’s all about giving your laundry a good shake every now and thenTiktok – @annrussell03

Fortunately, one British cleaning sensation, Ann Russell (@annrussell03), has come to rescue with her top tips and tricks that cost absolutely nothing.

The whizz took to TikTok after one of her 2.3million followers sent her a message complaining about the common issue.

”My clothes keep all going hard and stuff even when I use fabric conditioner,” the person explained.

”I think it’s because I dry them on a clothes’ horse since we have no dryer.”

Ann, who regularly offers various cleaning hacks on the social media giant, was quick to respond.

According to the pro, you have to take the garments off the clothes’ horse every hour or so whilst they’re drying.

”Shake them really well and rearrange them – that would help,” she insisted in the video.

Fellow cleaning enthusiasts flocked to comments, some of whom shared their recommendations.

”My two tricks. Vinegar rinse and/or put washing out overnight,” one person wrote.

”The dew in the morning add somehow makes a difference. Mom taught me.”

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Someone else said: ”I find pointing a fan at them helps as a lazy solution.”

However, if it’s that nasty damp smell on clothes that bothers you, fear not – the pro also has a solution for this.

”I try to make sure that everything is folded and not too thick,” Ann said in the clip, where she was using a tier airer.

”You’re going to have to re-wash your stuff, and if the smell still doesn’t come out, put it all in a thing.

”Re-wash some of it – half the amount […]. High spin.

”Don’t dry too much stuff at a time,” Ann warned.

Once washed, fold the garments ”neatly”, as according to Ann, this allows the air from the fan – placed next to the rack – to flow freely.

”It [air] needs to be able to move to evaporate the water off.

”If it’s too thick or clumpy, it won’t get rid of the water – and then it will smell.”

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