I’ve got great boobs – I’ll show them off at any occasion, I don’t care if trolls taunt me

MIAH Carter is proud of her curves and loves to show off her body in lacy lingerie and figure-hugging dresses – despite a barrage of constant abuse from cruel trolls.

Whether it’s a glam event or simply a dinner date, social influencer Miah, 20, from Reading, Berkshire, is determined to defy the haters by wearing what she wants – but it hasn’t always been that way.

Miah is determined to be true to herself and wear what she feels comfortable and confident inMiah Carter

Size 28 Miah – who has been with her boyfriend Marley Williams, 21, for five years – says: “I used to hate the way I looked but now I’m proud of my boobs and my curves.

“I like to wear clothes to show them off, and I’ve gradually learned not to care what people say online.

“Over the years I’ve been called horrible names, like ugly and a ‘slut’ just because I have big boobs.

“It doesn’t matter what outfit I wear, there will always be a keyboard warrior out there with something negative to say – so I’ve decided I should just wear what I want.”

‘I thought I had to look like Kim K’

While Miah posts body confident content online and now has over 3m TikTok fans, sadly she hasn’t always felt so confident to be herself.

Growing up, she always hated how she looked, saying: “I had no confidence at all, and would wear baggy clothes to hide my body.

“I’d always struggled with my weight especially and tried every diet going from the age of 14, going to the gym and even weight loss tablets and injections – but nothing helped.

“I felt I had to look like Kim Kardashian and it was so toxic.

“I also have a skin condition that darkens the pigmentation in my skin too so I had a lot of insecurities.”

Miah CarterThe 20-year-old used to have severe confidence issues, but is now on a mission to help others love their bodies[/caption]

‘I’m proud of my boobs’

At the age of 17, Miah began to find the confidence to experiment with her look and the clothes she wore.

Miah says: “When I set up my social channels in 2020 it was with the view to post my weight loss journey initially, but that made me really unhappy so I decided not to make that the focus.

“I started to look at Instagram and TikTok at what other people were wearing for inspiration.

“When it came to choosing outfits online, it was nice to see more plus size models wearing the clothes too on sites like ASOS.

“I love my curves and my legs, and I get a lot of compliments on my eyes.

“I’m proud of my boobs so I’m happy to wear clothes that show them off, and I don’t care what people say.

“I still have bad days of course, and when they’re bad they are really bad and I lose a lot of love for my body, but on my good days I refuse to care or let insecurities get to me.”

The influencer is proud of her curves and now loves to wear outfits to show them offMiah Carter

‘People told me to kill myself’

It’s a huge transition for the social star, who first suffered suicidal thoughts at the age of just seven.

At one point after becoming a well-known personality online, cruel comments even drove Mia to attempt to take her own life too.

She says: “At its worst, people even told me to kill myself and I didn’t know how to deal with it.

“I’ve come so far from where I used to be – I’m a completely different person now.”

‘I should be able to wear what I want’

At her heaviest, Miah weighed 27st, and while she tries to exercise and watch what she eats for health reasons, she doesn’t focus on weight.

She says: “I have PCOS and I have a hormone imbalance – I don’t look at the scales but I do watch what I eat.

“I still want to lose weight, but now only for health reasons, not because of the way I look.”

Often if you have big boobs, you’re automatically classed as a slut”

Now, Miah is determined not to let trolls impact how she feels about herself.

She says: “No matter what I do, I can get nasty comments, and trolls will comment on anything, so I might as well wear what I want to.

“My favourite quote is ‘the most beautiful thing you can wear is confidence’ and I always try to remember that when choosing an outfit.

“There are a lot of plus size tops out there that are quite revealing, and why not?

“My E cup boobs are natural – they aren’t implants neatly placed on my chest – they sag and I get stared at and harassment for that.

“Even in the gym – I’ve worn a sports bra before and a man was literally laughing at me for what I was wearing.

“Often if you have big boobs, you’re automatically classed as a slut and I’ve been called that online, and I’m asked if I’m a man too.”

Miah CarterMiah finally has the confidence to wear what she wants, and she wants other people to feel that too[/caption]

‘I get ten times more positive comments’

Thankfully, Miah has learnt to overcome the negativity.

She says: “For every negative comment I get, I get ten times more positive ones.

“I want to encourage people to love themselves and I’ve had lots of other women say I’ve helped give them the confidence to wear what they like and be themselves too.

“As long as I can make one person smile, that means so much and makes it all worthwhile.”

Miah CarterMiah has over 3m followers on TikTok and is known as ‘your big sister’ on the platform[/caption]