I’ve been going to the same hair salon with my mum for years but they messed up my bouncy layer cut – it was mortifying

A SINGER has revealed how asking her hairdresser for layers left her “botched” with a BOWL CUT.

Arianna Dxarte dubbed it the “worst haircut of her life” after the stylist cut a bob layer on top of her head.

Arianna could tell the haircut was going in a rogue direction when a bob was cut in on topTikTok/ariannadxarteThe singer recorded herself crying in the car after the hair horrorTikTok/ariannadxarte

The 23-year-old documented her appointment in hope of showing off a bouncy new do at the end. 

But her face soon turned sour when she realised how much of her hair was being chopped

Recording her hair being washed at the start of her appointment, Arianna narrated: “I wish I could wipe that f*****g smile off my face.

“Anyway, come get botched with me.

“Worst haircut of my life.”

Then recording herself sitting in the chair, she continued: “So my mum and I have been going to this Dominican salon for some time.

“But the way I’m staring at her gives ‘I knew what I was signing up for’. 

“When those chunks started flying, I started feeling real woozy. 

“And who the f**k did I have to blame besides myself?

“Like I sat myself in that chair and I did not speak up. 

“I do have to say though, I have never been done dirty like this.”

Arianna showed the hairstylist pictures of how she wanted her hair to look. 

The inspiration was a previous haircut she had with bouncy layers and chunky face framing.

But according to Arianna, the hairdresser had other ideas.

The singer said: “She decided to do her own thing.

“And usually I’m okay with that but a bowl cut on top of a haircut is absolutely crazy.

“Like there is no explaining this.”

Arianna ended up crying in the car home after “trying to make do” with what she had been given.

People flocked to the comments of her Tik Tok video to weigh in on her “botched” new do.

One joked: “Nah friend, she was trying to give you a little mullet.”

Another added: “The way I would’ve been collecting my hair from the floor to tape it back to my head later that day.”

A third said Arianna’s new do looked like she had a bob cut in and stuck extensions underneath it.

Other viewers share their similar experiences when asking for layers, with one woman saying she is “traumatised” from a dodgy haircut.