I went on a second date with hot older man 10 YEARS after our first – his request left me speechless

A SINGLETON has revealed she went on a second date with a suitor 10 YEARS after the first.

Suzie Mac, from Paisley, regularly posts about her love life and dating experiences on TikTok (@misssuziemac).

TikTok @misssuziemacDJ Suzie Mac gave a love interest a second chance 10 years after their first date[/caption]

TikTok @misssuziemacBut the second date ended in disaster[/caption]

In a recent clip, the DJ told followers she gave her throwback admirer – a hot older guy – a second chance as the pair had a “really good connection”.

But despite there being a spark, the date ended in disaster.

Suzie said: “So I’m just back from a second date with someone I went on a date with about 10 years ago.

“This was the date that happened 10 years after the original first date. We worked that out when we were on our weirdly random date.

“Obviously I liked him at the time but I was dead young like 10 years ago.

“I was living in London and I was just like taking in London life. Everyone was asking me out and blah blah blah and I was going to nightclubs and life was just mental at that time. 

“And he’s a wee bit older so he probably could see that and I could see that he was too settled for me.”

She added: “Anyway, 10 years later. We went on a date, well we went on two dates. Really cool dates actually. Really good connection, absolutely fancied him

“He’s gorgeous, like a fine specimen of a man. Hot, I’m talking hot. He could take his pick but obviously he has good taste as well.

“I got on with him, we had a connection, it was nice. Best connection I’ve had recently, actually good chat.

“I didn’t really know what his situation was. I knew that he was seeing somebody and I didn’t know what the situation was at all so I just didn’t really say much about it. I thought he was maybe in a situationship type situation.

“Then after our lovely blissful beautiful date he told me he is in an open relationship with someone else, he has a girlfriend. It’s an open relationship.”

Suzie said it’s not even the first time a guy has tried to rope her into a love triangle, but she refuses to share her man.

She said: “My heart’s not built for an open relationship.

“It’s actually the second time recently people have tried to pull me into an open relationship type scenario.

“People are just wanting me to be part of some mad f***ing emotional rollercoaster that I’m not ready to be part of. 

“I’m far too jealous for that s***. I just want one. I’m not sharing somebody…knowingly. Because I’ve definitely probably shared somebody in the past to my detriment, unknowingly.

“You don’t need more than me. That’s enough. Behave.”

Social media users were quick to support Suzie’s decision as one insisted: “Open relationships never work. Well done for thinking with your heart you deserve better.W

A second wrote: “Such a shame, I hope you find the right one soon. I wish you luck.”

Meanwhile, a third added: “You deserve 100% you are amazing person and I really hope you find someone that’s right.”

Suzie, a former child star in Chewin’ the Fat, earlier revealed that she still gets hit on by 21-year-old guys – despite being a decade older than them.

But she made it clear she’s not interested, describing the young suitors as “wee guys”.

The Scots DJ has also been told her work outfits are “inappropriate” and that she should “cover up” to be taken seriously.

She said: “[It] basically means you’ve to stop being yourself and dressing how you normally would just to fit their narrow minded narrative.”

And the defiant DJ has no plans to change her look.

She added: “I’ve been told that a few times by people in the industry so I just ignore them and do the opposite.”