Inside ‘Britain’s strictest pub’ where tough landlord bans mobile phones & ‘kicks you out if you’re not local’

DRINKERS at Britain’s “strictest pub” have revealed the bizarre rules enforced by its tough landlord.

The Canny Man’s in Edinburgh has long baffled tourists with the no-nonsense list of rules on its front door.

FacebookMany tourists take out their phones or cameras to snap this pub sign banning phones and cameras[/caption]

A sign outside states: “No smoking, no credit cards, no mobile phones, no camera, no backpackers.”

One punter even told how he was kicked out for not being local.

He wrote on Facebook: “I popped in for a quick pint once while waiting for a bus to the city centre.

“When I told the owner I was from out of town, he stopped pouring my pint, said ‘Sorry, locals only’ and politely told me to leave.”

Another punter said: “Being banned for really not doing very much was a rite of passage back in the day. Great Guinness and a proper G and T.”

A third said: “I used to go when I was a student – we called it the Junk Shop because of all the dusty stuff hanging about.”

Founded in 1871, the pub has kept most of its original decor also renowned for 250-bottle whisky collection Watson assembled, as well as its Bloody Mary and lobster.

Infamous innkeeper Watson Kerr, the great-grandson of the pub’s original landlord James Kerr, would refuse to serve punters just because he didn’t like the look of them or the way they dressed, the Daily Record reports.

Watson’s motto was: “You drink where you want, I’ll serve who I want.”

He also banned “paper-hatted clowns” spilling out of office parties as well as Christmas decorations and dinner.

Although Watson died in 2011, his family continues to honour the written and unwritten rules he enforced at the pub.

His obituary reads: “He was serious about keeping The Canny Man’s as an oasis of peace in a rambunctious city.

“He did innumerable kindnesses for customers, but never publicised any of them – that was not his way.”

Many Edinburgh locals have fond memories of Watson’s reign over the pub.

Garry said: “I got barred for giving an interview to the local paper saying it was a good pub.”

Sarah said: “I used to work there – it’s a totally unique, very Edinburgh place to visit so long as you don’t have a backpack on. Canny by name, canny by nature.”

Mel said: “American here and I think this sign is awesome!”