Emotional Christine McGuinness breaks silence on Paddy split as she opens up on ‘crazy year’

CHRISTINE McGuiness described the last 12 months as a “crazy year” following her split from husband Paddy.

The model, 34, joined the Loose Women panel on Thursday to speak about her new book Amazing Me, Amazing You – designed to help children with autism.

Christine McGuinness said the last 12 months had been ‘crazy’ITV

Christine – who parted way with her TV presenter husband Paddy, 49, last year – said she was feeling “blessed” despite facing different challenges lately.

“I’m trying to keep going and enjoy life – I’m so grateful for everything and to be here today,” she told the ITV panel.

“I’m blessed in so many ways, it’s been a crazy year but I’ve had so many positives.”

The ex Real Housewives of Cheshire favourite was diagnosed with autism aged 33 – before revealing she also suffers with ADHD.

Christine admitted that she felt like she was going “mad” before she was finally diagnosed.

Discussing her children’s book, she explained: “It’s something that I’m passionate about, I’ve got three autistic children, I’m autistic myself and I wanted to spent last year doing something special and to educate – I wanted to help children like mine understand.”

She continued: “I was 33 when I got diagnosed, I always knew there was something, I always felt different.

“It’s been amazing, it’s a huge relief for me because I genuinely thought I was mad.

“I didn’t realise why I would overthink so much and why I’m oversensitive and why I only eat beige food.

“I have lots of little challenges that my children do and now it all makes sense. So to actually know the reasons why, it’s been a huge positive for me.”

Christine then proudly revealed that her children are now “verbal” after struggling with their speech until the age of four.

“Now they don’t shut up,” the mum-of-three joked.

“They’re doing amazing, I read the book with them and they told me I was cool – I don’t think I’ve ever been called cool.”

She previously told how she was “really not fine” in the painful aftermath of their split.

It will likely be an emotional return to the show too, with Christine forced to walk off the Loose Women stage in 2020 after reading out a poem she had dedicated to her kids.

In a hugely touching moment she read out a poem she had written for her daughter Felicity and twins Leo and Penelope.

The poem read: “I am so proud to be your mummy, you are everything to me.

“All three of you are thriving with ASD [Autistic Spectrum Disorder]. I will never try and change you, you are perfect as you are.

“Mummy is going to change the world to understand her superstars. You are sensitive, you are strong, and you have such a special bond.

“You are funny and talented, cheeky and sweet, you all love your toys to be kept extra neat.

“Shining brighter than the stars above. You are special, so wanted and oh so loved.

“Leo, Penelope and Felicity, you are unaware of the positive impact you have, even on the tough days you even make me laugh.

“My trio, my babies, my fabulous three. Together we are a strong, proud, unique family.”

Once she finished she started crying before being handed some tissues and walking off the set.

She also burst into tears on the show two years earlier, back in 2018, when talking of her relationship with Paddy.

The model said she was feeling ‘blessed’ in her lifeITV