I’m in the no-bra club – my girls don’t defy gravity, but people say they still ‘can’t get enough’

A WOMAN has shown the internet the pros and cons of her bra-free lifestyle.

She has revealed her dedication to going bra-less despite feeling like gravity pulls her breasts lower than she would like.

TikTok / esteeisonlineEstée’s revealed her dedication to going bra-less despite gravity[/caption]

TikTok / esteeisonlineThe internet was quick to chime in on how good they thought she looked[/caption]

The caption for Estée’s video was a disclaimer about her feelings about less-than-perky breasts being deemed unacceptable.

“Gravity is normal and big boobs are heavy!” Estée wrote in a disclaimer under her post.

“Some of my videos might make it seem like [I] am always confident, but that’s not true. I have good days and bad days. It’s a long process trying to unlearn societal standards for how someone should look [in my case how boobs should look].”

She used dialogue from the 1999 romantic comedy 10 Things I Hate about you to meme her experience that people treat her breasts like something to fear.

“You’re not afraid of me are you?” Heath Ledger’s voice said in her video via pre-recorded audio clip.

Her lips synching up to the words, she mouthed Julia Stiles’s part and said, “Why would I be afraid of you?”

In reference to the body shame Estée wanted to touch on, she used the dialogue to say that “most people are” afraid of unedited breasts that hang to their natural resting point.

“Well I’m not,” Estée mouthed.

Video viewers felt heard by her words and echoed her sentiments in the comments.

One woman who agreed said: “Girl so [true]. I’m trying to accept them the way they are but sometimes it’s hard because of this ‘boobs beauty [standards].”

Another added: “My boobs are similar! I wish perkies werent the only ones acceptable.”

Another TikToker said “it’s just life.. gravity scars, stretch marks,” confessing that they “appreciate” Estée’s “honesty.”

A woman who said she was “built very similar” to Estée said that her physique and aesthetic “inspired” them.

“I am constantly re-evaluating what [I] think is beautiful / sexy and why [I] think that,” the monologue beneath the video continued. “I challenge myself to change those standards within myself.

“If [I] can change it within then others opinions wont affect me nearly as much. Making these videos helps increase my confidence and hopefully someone else’s.”

TikTok / esteeisonlineEstée confided in her audience that she feels pressure to have the perkiest chest possible[/caption]

TikTok / esteeisonlineAs a result, the TikToker wants to change her perception around beauty standards[/caption]