Number of steps you need to burn off calories from crisps to pizza revealed – and a popular treat that’ll take all day

WE know that walking is good for us, but how many steps do you really need to take to burn off food?

We reported yesterday that new research has found that it takes 5,575 steps – 49 minutes of walking – to burn the 225 calories you get in a small glass of red wine.

GettyHere we reveal how far you must walk to neutralise the calories in our favourite snacks[/caption]

A pint of cider – 240 calories – would take 5,670 steps, a 51-minute walk, to recover from.

Here we reveal how far you must walk to neutralise the calories in our favourite snacks.

Domino’s large pepperoni pizza

A large Domino’s Pizza contains 2,478 calories

2,478 kcal
61,500 steps
9 hour walk

Ben & Jerry’s Phish Food 100g

A 100g tub of Ben and Jerry’s Phish food ice cream would take 6,517 steps to burn off

263 kcal
6,517 steps
57 min walk

Greggs’ sausage roll

Steve BellIt would take an hour and 11 minutes to walk off a Greggs’ sausage roll[/caption]

328 kcal
8,127 steps
1hr 11min walk

Walker’s Ready Salted Crisps 25g

AlamyA 25g bag of Walkers crisps contains 131 calories[/caption]

131 kcal
3,246 steps
29min walk

Cadbury’s Dairy Milk Bar 45g

It would take 5,947 steps to burn off a Cadburys dairy milk

240 kcal
5,947 steps
52min walk

Large bag of sweet popcorn

GettyTo burn off a large bag of sweet popcorn would take an almost 3 hour long walk[/caption]

816 kcal
20,219 steps
2hr 58min walk

6 Chicken McNuggets

6 McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets contain 287 calories

287 kcal
7,111 steps
1hr 3min walk

Krispy Kreme glazed doughnut

A Krispy Kreme Original Glazed Doughnut would take 43 minutes walking to burn off

195 kcal
4,832 steps
42min walk

Pot Noodle Original Curry

Louis Wood – The SunAn original Pot Noodle contains 442 calories[/caption]

442 kcal
10,952 steps
1hr 36min walk

Carrots and hummus

Getty – ContributorA portion of hummus with carrot sticks would only require a 37 min walk to burn off[/caption]

170 kcal
4,212 steps
37min walk

One Custard Cream biscuit

News Group Newspapers Ltd.There are just 57 calories in a single custard cream[/caption]

57 kcal
1,412 steps
12min walk

An Apple

GettyIt would take just 11 minutes to burn off a single apple[/caption]

52 kcal
1,288 steps
11min walk