I’m a single mom in the no bra club – they’re overrated & I’ve got a great way of celebrating others who go without

A WOMAN has perfected how she celebrates fellow women who have joined the so-called “no bra club.”

Women are increasingly ditching the undergarment for comfort and increased confidence in their natural bodies.

TikTokThe Florida mom has perfected her response when she sees other women who have ditched the bra[/caption]

TikTokHeather Marie believes that bras are “overrated”[/caption]

The tag #Nobraclub has been viewed over 130million times on TikTok as the trend continues to grow in size.

Heather Marie (@me_lady_marie) has over 32,000 followers on her social media page and over 400,00 likes.

The single-mom has chosen to ditch the bra, saying that they are “overrated.”

The Florida woman gives the perfect response when she sees fellow women following suit.

In a video on her page, she posted a clip of herself walking in a summer dress with the caption: “When you see another lady NOT wearing a bra.”

She waves and lip-syncs to the audio: “Hell yeah hun, get your t**s out.”

In the caption Heather Marie wrote: “Bra’s are overrated.”

Viewers agreed with her view, with one saying: “I approve of this message!”

However, it it not only bras that the single mom thinks are “overrated.”

In another video, she shows followers how she will also sometimes ditch her underwear.

She said: “Sometimes you have to be a little naughty.”

In the video, she is wearing a short, pink summer dress which she plays with in her hands.

Heather lip-syncs to the soundtrack “Naughty” from Roald Dahl’s Matilda the Musical.

“We’re told we have to do what we’re told but surely sometimes you have to be a little bit naughty.”

As she lip syncs the final words, the Tiktoker turns to the side and lifts her dress to reveal that she has no underwear on.

One viewer commented: “Why does it matter if you don’t wear any?”

Another added: “You can do what you want!

“Who cares what people say.”

TikTokThe Tiktoker revealed that she sometimes ditches her underwear too[/caption]