I’m a gym girl who likes going commando – I never have panty lines in my leggings but people worry it’s a ‘biohazard’

ONE gym girl prefers to go free under her workout attire.

The devoted exerciser is never seen with panty lines because she doesn’t wear any underwear — but people are concerned.

Gym girl Yumie goes commando under her workout leggings, and she never has panty linesTikTok/peachyfit

Yumie (@peachyfit) posted a video to show off the smooth finish of her gym leggings.

She looked at herself in the mirror and contemplated sharing her secret to no underwear lines.

The female gym-goer wore light blue leggings tucked into her socks and an oversized T-shirt.

Her shirt was stuffed into the top of her bottoms.

“When girls ask me what underwear I use for no visible lines,” Yumie’s caption read.

She asked: “Should I tell them?”

Yumie divulged her tip in the video caption with the hashtag #Commando,’ indicating that her no-panty line look was because she never put any underwear on.

While some women related to Yumie’s commando mentality, others thought it was a bad idea.

“I’m commando every day, all day lmao,” an honest TikTok user said.

Another fitness fan agreed: “I can’t train if it’s not commando mode activated.”

“Commandooo all the way,” a fan declared.

One person disagreed: “This has gotta be considered a biohazard…only one layer between the chair and discharge…absolutely NOT.”

“I would be worrying about getting infections down there for other people’s sweat when I sit on my machines,” a viewer admitted.

A woman said: “I don’t understand why people can go commando. It’s so uncomfortable.”

Another suggested: “I wear seamless gees.”

People think wearing no underwear is a ‘biohazard’TikTok/peachyfit