I’m a cleaning whizz – five mistakes people always make – & the mopping & hoovering techniques to get a home spotless

WHEN it comes to cleaning you probably have a long list of products that are super affordable and get the job done. 

But are you cleaning your house properly? Sometimes it is just as much about the technique as it is about the products you are using. 

Tiktok/@home_reimaginedA cleaning fan has shared five common cleaning mistakes that you should avoid[/caption]

You can easily tell if you have used too much water or product when mopping from the streaks left on your floorTiktok/@home_reimagined

Cleaning fan Jacqueline Stein, who goes by @home_reimagined online has shared five cleaning mistakes you may be making when cleaning your home

Jacqueline’s first tip is letting the product sit to penetrate the germs long enough.

Particularly with disinfectant and sprays it’s good to let the product sit a while so it has time to kill all the germs on your surfaces. 

Jacqueline says: “If you’re wiping it up right away, then you aren’t letting the product do its job and eat up the grime while disinfecting.”

Number two – using too much product in your mop bucket or not wringing out your mop enough.

It can be difficult to find the right balance between product and water when mopping floors but the final results will tell you all you need to know. 

Jacqueline says: “If your floors are ending up streaky, it means the mop head has too much water on it. Ring it out better. And if the floors come up cloudy then you must have too much product in your bucket.”

Number three – not vacuuming carpet in cross direction.

Vacuuming is most effective when you roll your hoover back and forth; this gives it a chance to get around every fibre and pull up all the dirt. 

Jacqueline says: “If you’re only vacuuming in one direction and not flipping and vacuuming sideways afterwards, you aren’t getting deep into the carpet fibres and picking everything up.”

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Four – Not, dusting your vacuuming surfaces first.

If you ever tried cleaning your toilet with something wet like a wipe or wet cloth, you will know you just end up pushing dust around until you find something dry to fully wipe it up. 

This is the same as other surfaces in your home. 

Jacqueline says: “Ensure you are dusting or using a soft haired vacuum to remove dirt and debris before wiping any surface. This is very important to ensure you aren’t just adding water to dirt and creating mud in your home.”

Number five not maintaining your cleaning machines.

All cleaning appliances need a little TLC from time to time including dishwashers, washing machines and vacuums. 

The better you look after them the longer they will last. 

One user said: “Make sure you’re cleaning and maintaining your cleaning machines and rags properly so that you can extend the lifetime of them.”

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Tiktok/@home_reimaginedJacqueline says you should be vacuuming back and forth so that your hoover has a chance to pick up all the dirt in your carpet[/caption]