I’m a 5’9″ gym girl weighing 200 lbs – I can still run a mile, people say I’m the ‘finest woman they’ve ever seen’

A PHYSICALLY fit woman has revealed that at 200 pounds and five foot nine, she can keep up with her exercise regimen.

She showed herself effortlessly running a mile on a treadmill at the gym.

Golden is a digital content creator and fitness junkie who posts videos of her exercises on TikTokTikTok/sgolden_TikTok/sgolden_She often shows off the fruits of her labor from a dedicated and disciplined workout regimen[/caption]

The avid gym-goer dazzled viewers who were mesmerized by her “fine” physique and shapely glutes.

Golden (@sgolden_) demonstrated her sexy run in a skin tight black onesie, showing off her incredible hourglass figure.

“Yes I’m 200 pounds and I can run a mile,” she said in the video.

She clearly had no issues breaking a sweat and appeared to be trim and toned.

“Running a mile at my size,” she added in the caption.

The video came as part of a body positivity trend on TikTok.

Fitness fans are sharing their stats, including height and weight, to dispel myths about the number on the scale.

With more women opting to go the gym, old beliefs in BMI are being replaced with a focus on muscle mass and overall energy levels.

The video captivated viewers who took to the comment section to praise Golden.

“By far the finest 200 pounds I’ve seen ever,” one wrote.

“I tell people it’s all about how you carry your weight everybody’s frame is not the same,” another added.

“Baby it’s got to be muscle because you look awesome,” a third commented.

“You look amazing,” yet another said.

“200 all in the right places,” one more wrote.

She showed herself running a mile at the treadmill, revealing that she weights 200 poundsTikTok/sgolden_