You have to be cool as ice to spot the odd one out in this picture of peppers in five seconds

BELIEVE it or not, it’s easy to get fired up and frustrated when trying to work out an optical illusion or brain teaser.

So you will need to keep your cool when trying to spot the odd one out in this picture of peppers in less than five seconds.

freshersliveCan you spot the odd one out among these rows of peppers?[/caption]

Hidden among the rows of red fruit is an imposter and you have to locate it before time runs out.

The mind-boggling image shows 128 mini versions of the sweet and crunchy salad favourite in symmetrical columns.

However, there is an imposter among this haul of healthiness.

Although it may sound simple, puzzle fans were left stumped when trying to detect the anomaly in this snap.

You’ll need razor-sharp brain and eye co-ordination to be able to pick it out.

Did you find the odd one out in time?

If you take a closer look at the third row up from the bottom on the left, you may spot the rogue pepper peeking out.

We’ve circled the answer down below in case some brain teaser buffs are still struggling to see it.

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fresherslivePuzzle lovers were left stumped by the brain teaser[/caption]