I’m 4ft 11 and 200lbs – I did a Skims swimwear haul and everything snatched me in, I feel so hot

THIS woman has tried on XL Skims swimwear that snatched her waist and made her feel hot.

The Skims fan is 4 foot 11 inches and 200lbs. While she usually wears a size large, she bought extra large swimsuits because she says that Kim Kardashian’s brand runs small.

Youtube/Mikayla makeupThis woman has tried on XL Skims swimwear that snatched her waist and made her feel hot[/caption]

Youtube/Mikayla makeupShe’s usually a large in clothes, but decided to size up[/caption]

Mikayla, who goes by Mikayla makeup on YouTube was shocked by how amazing she looked in the swimwear.

She first held up the Swim Zip Front Sleeveless One Piece ($92).

“Oo la la,” she exclaimed. “I really like the look of this one.”

Mikayla said the color is a “really vibrant pretty blue.”

“This blue is f***ing phenomenal on me,” she added.

Mikayla pointed out that she has “a lot of cellulite on the back of my legs and I’m not ashamed of it at all,” as she turned around to show the back of the swimsuit.

She then shared some more love for her body shape.

“I have really big arms,” she added. “I’ve always have. I get it from my mama”

“And I’ve always had an hourglass figure, even though I’m of a bigger figure,” said Mikayla. “And I don’t mind that s*** at all.”

“I think this one looks f***ing fantastic on me,” she said about the swimsuit. “This is a win.”

While Mikayla decided to show off some of her cleavage, she showed how you can lift the zipper of the suit as low or as high as you want, depending on how much skin you want to show off.

“The fabric is thick,” she said. “It’s really nice.”

Mikayla then tried on a neon green triangle bikini top ($38) with the matching Micro Tanga bikini bottoms ($36).

“I’m not like the most confident person in bikinis, but I think this looks really f***ing good,” Mikayla said of the Skims swimsuit.

“I think I look hot, it’s just an adjustment,” she said.

Mikayla added that her boobs are “sitting pretty decently” and the bikini bottoms “snatch” her waist.

The YouTuber also got the matching bandeau bikini top ($38), saying that she “absolutely love[s]” it.

She said that the bandeau “looks really nice on me.”

“I am so happy that I sized up,” Mikayla added.

For her final look, the YouTuber put on the Skims Swim Sarong Skirt ($78), which she said was a “big slay.”

“Do you know how excited this makes me to go on my honeymoon?” she asked her viewers.

“I’m gonna look so hot for my husband,” said Mikayla.

She added: “The skirt is really nice.”