I’m 47 and have curves and curls – people say I’m ‘flawless,’ I’m just drinking water and minding my business’

A CURVY woman has proudly shown off her physique that she says comes from drinking water and minding her business.

The curly-headed woman has shared a TikTok video that has people calling her nothing but flawless.

TikTok user Creamwrx is 47 years old and has curves and curls she says from drinking water and minding her businessTikTok/creamwrx

TikTok user Creamwrx (@creamwrx) is a content creator that enjoys sharing her life consisting of a foodie, naturalist, and “goal digger.”

In a TikTok video, she has shown off her fabulous figure and body confidence.

“Tell me you don’t look your age without telling me you don’t look your age,” the background audio said.

The woman posed and turned her head to multiple angles.

“I’ll go first. I’m 30,” it continued.

A text appeared next to her that simply read: “47.”

The 47-year-old stunned in a cobalt blue bikini and stylish neon coverup.

Her naturally curly hair flowed around her head as she leaned against an outdoor railing.

The TikTok user’s tattoos were visible on her calf, foot, and wrist.

“47 wow!” a viewer commented.

“You definitely don’t look your age keep rocking it. Too gorgeous,” another added.

“You are the prettiest,’ an admirer praised.

“YOU GO GIRL!!!” another chimed in.

People can’t believe her age and say she’s flawlessTikTok/creamwrx