Harry’s book should be renamed ‘Spite’ as he continues to monetise victimhood – painting Charles as cold & unemotional

GREEDY to boost the sales of his memoirs, Prince Harry last night delivered another attack on his family.

Promoting his book Spare in a campaign which he has called “a continuation of my mental health journey”, he joined a controversial therapist to once again broadcast all his traumas to the world.

AFPHarry has been critical of his brother William and his father, King Charles[/caption]

SplashEver since Harry met Meghan, he has milked Diana’s tragic death for all it is worth[/caption]

Dr Gabor Mate claims to have spent 20 years treating sufferers of addiction and mental illness

In the brazen self-indulgence of a spoiled, rich man on an epic scale, Harry claimed “self-compassion has to be the priority”.

Casting his father as a cold, unemotional man, he asserted that the lesson of his life was to help himself before he could help others.

Pumped up by self-pity and hunger for publicity, the media junkie prince appears to be unable to survive without constantly moaning about his misery on TV and radio.

Having thrown in his lot with wife Meghan — a tough former actress — he is monetising his victimhood amid a continuing diatribe against his family.

Under the guise of what he calls “turning my pain into purpose”, Harry’s relentless performance — stuffing his anguish down our throats — has become his major source of income.

Spurred on by his US publisher, Random House, the £19 subscribers to last night’s programme fell for a marketing wheeze.

Every ticket-holder also got a copy of Harry’s memoir, boosting the publisher’s declining sales.

On the eve of Charles’s coronation, the Prince collaborated with a foreign corporation to damage the Royal Family.

Spare should now be renamed Spite.

Disdaining his privileged life and claiming to have been abandoned by his family as a child, Harry even cast doubt on his fellow Army officers’ belief in the war in Afghanistan.

In his latest self-righteous demonstration of disloyalty, Harry chose a bizarre accomplice — Gabor Maté, a 79-year-old Canadian “trauma expert”.

Maté claims to have spent 20 years treating sufferers of addiction and mental illness.

He says those who live with the loss of a close relative or friend are suffering “toxic trauma”.

Addiction to drugs, claims Maté, is an attempt to solve the problem of pain.

Maté’s promotion of harmful drugs to relieve trauma and “personal healing” appeals to Harry.

The Duke admits he “went slightly off the rails” to escape to “another world” by consuming cocaine, magic mushrooms and cannabis.

In the programme he says his use of psychedelic drug ayahuasca “helped me deal with the traumas of the past”.

Maté was once addicted to drugs and even gave ayahuasca to his patients, until he was ordered to stop by Canadian officials.

He preaches in his book, The Myth of The Normal, that drug addicts and depressives are victims, not responsible for their own behaviour.

That specifically satisfies Harry’s complaint of being terrified by fear: “You can be wounded by not having your needs met as a young child.”

Nothing, Harry knows, resonates more with the public than the death of his mother, Princess Diana.

Ever since Harry met Meghan, he has milked that tragedy for all it is worth.

Harry said: “Grieving is essential.”

Speaking as if that old truism was his revelation to mankind, Harry falsely suggested he was never given time to grieve.

On the contrary, he has been anguished for years.

Obsessed by Diana’s death, Harry is an invaluable prize for Maté.

Regarded by many as a weird quack, Maté cannot believe his luck to be cast as a celebrity alongside a global star.

The two men are further united by turning their apparent deep-seated grief into embracing a money-making Hollywood gimmick — the therapy industry.

To win sympathy, Harry has distorted history and his relationships. Everyone in his family is a villain.

Tom Bower

Cynics might think Harry plays the Diana card to get sympathy in the US where she is deeply loved.

Claiming to be permanently grief-stricken, Harry has described how he has asked a psychic to contact his mother.

Happily for Harry, the medium reported she had received a message from Diana, that Harry was “living the life she couldn’t”.

The unnamed spiritualist also related that Diana had said, “I’m with Harry right now”, and that her ghost had even laughed when Archie broke a Christmas tree ornament.

Harry said: “She’s with me all the time — my guardian angel. I now feel the presence of my mum, more than ever.”

In the prince’s public search for answers to his emotional problems, he repeatedly asked Maté for an endless diagnosis of his “illnesses”.

Mentioning he had a list of five harmful conditions, Maté temporarily satisfied Harry’s demand for a therapist on 24-hour speed dial.

Some might find it odd that a former British Army captain who boasted about killing 25 Taliban finds it impossible to stop exposing his deep dissatisfaction and unhappiness.

Or broadcasting the vulgarity of his “frost-nipped” penis and loss of virginity.

In a parade of his paranoia, Harry confessed to his global audience: “I felt different to the rest of my family.”

Condemning the King, Harry claimed he was not allowed to be “my authentic self”.

In pure self-pity, Harry lamented: “I didn’t know myself, so how could my family know the real me.” The poor Prince said he simply acted as he was “expected to be”.

Reeking of self-deception and hypocrisy, the broadcast was yet another shot to assert his moral superiority and settle scores.

To win sympathy, Harry has distorted history and his relationships. Everyone in his family is a villain.

Pumped up by self-pity and hunger for publicity, the media junkie prince appears to be unable to survive without constantly moaning about his misery on TV and radio.

Tom Bower

While wanting to sound a hero, many listeners will reflect that Harry has cast himself in a terrible light, as pathetic, vengeful and not very intelligent.

To Harry’s misfortune, his broadcast coincided with a sensational revelation — his and Meghan’s eviction from Frogmore, his home near Windsor Castle.

Many will be relieved that the King seems to have boldly declared the Sussexes are no longer welcome in Britain.

Contrary to all the reports that His Majesty was seeking a peace deal with Harry — even asking the Archbishop of Canterbury to negotiate an end to the barrage of hate from California — the King has drawn a line.

Fortunately, even Harry’s threat that he could publish another book containing damaging revelations has been ignored.

Effectively, Harry has been banned by his father from returning.

Actions have consequences, the prince has now discovered.

Rightly, the King realised Spare left no chance for reconciliation.

Aged 38, Harry has shown not even a hint of understanding about all the harm he and Meghan have caused.

Utterly selfish, he has shown no responsibility for his own behaviour.

Instead of apologising, he has demanded that the King and Prince William beg for forgiveness.

Harry’s eviction from Frogmore coincides with a crash of his popularity in America.

Lampooned in the media, he will never recover from the cruel TV cartoon satire called South Park.

Few can now anticipate his presence at the coronation. In one of his many interviews, Harry pitied himself for being trapped by birth in “a golden cage”.

Last night’s broadcast cast aside any pretence of wounded innocence.

Instead, Harry exposed his malice and treachery.

Despite speaking endlessly about compassion, it is clear that therapy has not reduced his vindictive, tortured self-interest.

Therapy has fuelled the flames of a self-important victim’s eternal vengeance to betray his family.

PAHarry’s memoir Spare should now be renamed Spite[/caption]