I’m 35 weeks pregnant but no one can tell when I face forward – when I turn to the side, they’re ‘shook’

A PREGNANT mom has left many shocked after revealing how different her belly looks when she turns to the side.

The mom-to-be posted a funny clip on TikTok that showed just how deceiving black clothing can be.

Daijah Mosley documented what she looked like at 35 weeks pregnantTikTok / daijthegreatShe tried on different black outfits that hid her belly extremely well, at least from the frontTikTok / daijthegreat

The TikTok by Daijah Mosley (@daijthegreat) starts with the viral audio of a woman saying: “They say black is slimming. But I don’t know.”

Daijah wore a black minidress with an extremely dropped neckline that partially showed her stomach. She paired this with a black Nike sports bra.

Facing the front, her body shape looked very thin and narrow.

Then the audio continued: “What do you guys think?”

When Daijah turned to the side, she revealed her very large baby bump.

People were in shock, saying they “hollered” and “audibly gasped.”

“It’s slimming… and deceitful,” someone said of her black clothing.

Another person suggested: “You should do this ‘I don’t look pregnant til I turn around check’ sound,” referencing another TikTok audio trend.

Daijah filmed a follow-up video, this time wearing a black, sleeveless, and fitted full-body catsuit.

At 35 weeks pregnant at the time of filming, she looked incredibly slim.

Over the video, an audio of a man played, saying: “I don’t look pregnant until I turn around, check.”

As he repeatedly sang out the word “pregnant,” Daija turned to the side again, revealing the large curve of her stomach.

She began dancing and twerking before sticking out her tongue.

“I am actually shook,” someone commented.

“WHATTTTTTT. My eyes playin games on me lol,” another person wrote, and someone echoed: “Lmaoooo issa ILLUSION.”

When Daijah turned to the side, she showed off her large baby bumpTikTok / daijthegreatShe danced as she showed off her pregnant belly in a second videoTikTok / daijthegreat