I wear leather leggings to work out – other women say they ‘could never’ and tell me to stop but I won’t

A WOMAN has hit out at haters who tell her to stop wearing leather leggings to the gym.

The TikToker regularly posts gym content showing off her strength training workouts and handy tips.

TikTok/cousmithhCourtney addressed her controversial gym outfit on TikTok[/caption]

TikTok/cousmithhThe influencer refuses to give up her leather gym look that followers say is “fire”[/caption]

Courtney Smith (@cousmithh) caught the attention of a number of TikTok users with her unusual gym attire.

In two videos, she can be seen completing her workouts in leather leggings and a sports bra.

Viewers took offense at the fact that she chose to wear leather to work out in.

In one clip, Courtney quoted someone as saying: “Stop wearing leather leggings to the gym.”

The audio overlay has an angry woman saying: “Take it off!”

A man then responds saying, “I would rather die.”

The look left one follower confused as they questioned how she can exercise in them without overheating.

In another video, the gym influencer quotes someone as saying: “I could never wear leather leggings to the gym.”

In response, the audio overlay hits back on Courtney’s behalf saying: “I’m sorry, not everybody fits in the bad b**** genre.”

Despite some viewers taking issue with the leggings, the majority called her “beautiful.”

one said: “No!! Just keep wearing them, you look amazing.

“More girls should [be] wearing it!”

Another said: “Why not? It looks amazing!”

Courtney regularly works on behalf of Bombshell Sportswear, defining herself as a “bombshell athlete.”

Similar leather-look leggings are available from the sportswear brand for $92.

The Gloss Leggings come in four colors: Black, red, navy, and pink.

According to the brand, the gym pants are “squat proof,” have four-way stretch and are designed for workouts and everyday wear.

With rave reviews, a number of customers highly recommend them for nights out as well as sessions at the gym.

One wrote: “I love how versatile these leggings are! I’ve worn them not only to the gym but to a rock concert and date night.

“They’re sexy and flattering.”

Courtney also wore another pair of leather-look leggings for leg day at the gym which are also $92.

The Shine Leggings have snakeskin detailing and are also perfect for workouts and dressing up.

Underneath her post featuring the Shine Leggings, Courtney’s followers said that the fit was “fire” and that the “set makes every workout next level.”