I wanted to bag the Primark buys I see on TikTok but my store was broken, I only found the haunting fashion from 2014

A FASHIONISTA was left disappointed after she couldn’t find all the viral Primark bits in her local store.

In the recent years, Primark have really upped their game, both when it comes to fashion, as well as hair and beauty.

The shopper wanted to bag the viral bits she had seen everyone raving about onlineTikTok/bpiddyyHowever, her local Primark was clearly ‘broken’TikTok/bpiddyy

But despite all the hype the retailer’s received on TikTok and social media, one shopper, Bry (@bpiddyy), was anything but pleasantly surprised when popping down to her nearby Primark.

She had expected to see all the ”unreal bits” others had shared in their shopping hauls – however, the reality was slightly different.

Mortified, the young woman posted a video on the popular platform, demanding answers.

”where is everyone finding all these unreal primark fits… my primark is seriously lacking,” Bry wrote by the clip.

Rather than the trendy garments fellow style fans had nabbed, such as adorable pastel co-ords, Bry’s store was filled with outdated outfits.

”What in the 2014 is going on in Primark?” she exclaimed.

Some of the items she stumbled upon whilst browsing their latest collection included long T-shirts with slogans, flimsy tunic dresses and shapeless vests.

Bry was also not particularly impressed with a lilac top that said ”Florida Choose to Shine”, as well as check shirts in blue and black.

It seems that it wasn’t just Bry whose Primark wasn’t ‘Primarking’ – hundreds of others revealed theirs looked nothing like their expectations.

One exclaimed: ”finally a realistic primark video, ive never seen one that doesn’t look like this [sic].”

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Another was mortified at their style too, writing: ”i looked for black hoodie and they all had cringey slogans or american colleges on them?

”like, no primark, i did not go to harvard or ohio state [sic].”

”Primark is a rag store !! I don’t know how anyone finds anything decent in it,” a fashionista was baffled.

”I was at primark today after around 4 years of not going there. And I found the same jacket I got from there in 2013!” a style lover revealed.

Someone else reckoned: ”I BET they kept old unsold stuff every year and just randomly decided to take it out and sell it again.”