Genshin Impact: How to beat Cyno at Genius Invokation

THE Windblume Festival is in full bloom in Genshin Impact, introducing new story quests and minigames.

This festival has brought different characters to the region, one of which is Cyno.

HoYoVerseWho doesn’t love a card game.[/caption]

Once you have completed the main storyline for the festival, you’ll be able to find him outside Cat’s Tail, where you can challenge him to some Genius Invokation.

Here’s all the tips you need to beat Cyno at Genius Invokation in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact: Cyno’s Genius Invokation Windblume Festival deck

Cyno’s character cards include Cyno, Bennett and Collei.

This gives his deck a lot of burst damage thanks to the Pyro and Electro characters, while Bennett provides the healing.

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There is a suspicion that Cyno is fixed, as he always has enough dice to make three attacks per turn.

He mostly attacks using Cyno and Bennett, and focuses on his damage output.

Genshin Impact: How to beat Cyno in Windblume Festival

You can either fight fire with fire, by countering Cyno’s aggressive plays with your own attacks, or whittle him down slowly.

We used a deck containing Klee, Beidou and Kokomi to win this match.

Klee deals the majority of the damage, while Beidou and Kokomi provide damage reduction and healing for the team.

Klee’s elemental burst negates Bennett’s healing which is particularly helpful against Cyno’s deck.

Kokomi’s summon negates any elemental effect to her, and constantly heals, making her a key player.

Beidou will tank damage, and create a shield while charging her elemental skill, while adding Electro for Klee’s attacks.

Fill out the deck with Timmie, Liben, Katheryne, Dawn Winery, Favonius Library, Jade Chamber, lots of healing, and some artifacts, and you should be able to withstand Cyno’s assault.

There is no achievement for beating Cyno, and the win does not count towards your Genius Invokation XP.

Your reward is the bragging rights you gain for beating the master at his own game.

Written by Marco Wutz and Georgina Young on behalf of GLHF.

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