I jetted off to Turkey to get the nose of my dreams… the aftermath was horrific – I was covered in bruises to start

A WOMAN who got a nose job in Turkey has bravely revealed what it’s really like post surgery – and horrific bruising is just one of the aspects.

Over the years, rhinoplasty has become increasingly popular, with thousands choosing to change the appearance of their nose.

Tiktok – @leoniesmithhDespite the horrific aftermath, the young woman insisted the end result was worth the pain[/caption]

Amongst them is also TikTok use Leonie Smith (@leoniesmithh) who wanted to ensure her future children would have a cute nose.

For this, the young blonde jetted off to the sunny coasts of Turkey.

But little did she know the aftermath would be horrific and she’d send a video to her father absolutely terrified.

Covered in horrible bruises and severe swelling all over her face, Leonie revealed that wasn’t even the worst of it all.

”Absolute s**t. I can’t f***ing breathe.

”What the f**k?” the young beauty fan was in tears in the now-viral video.

”Oh my God.”

Fortunately, according to the social media user, it didn’t last too long – the swelling and the bruises were gone in less than a week.

However, despite the excruciating pain, Leonie, who loves all things lifestyle, insisted she didn’t regret the decision to get a nose job.

”I’m not complaining, best thing I ever did.”

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The clip, which has been viewed a whopping 788k times, left the social media community divided – whilst some praised her for being open, others were mortified.

”My nose breathing self is having a panic attack right now,” one person chuckled.

”I had this done over 30 years ago and the memories of the pain are still with me!” a lover of cosmetic surgery added.

”Price of vanity,” a third was not impressed.

Luckily, amidst all the hate and trolling was also heaps of support from fellow beauty fans.

”Please be patient, you will look stunning once it fixes,” a kind-hearted man reminded.