I have huge boobs & I’m a member of the no bra club… trolls always tell me to put one on but that’s just not happening

A WOMAN blessed with big boobs has insisted she will not wear a bra despite people urging her to.

Over the last few years, a growing number of women have decided to let their girls free – and one of those who’s ditched her bras is TikTok user Nicole Furtado (@nicoleafurtado).

Nicole is a proud member of the so-called ‘no bra’ club and said she won’t be wearing one any time soonTiktok -@nicoleafurtadoHitting back at all the trolls, the young blonde said she wasn’t sorryTiktok -@nicoleafurtado

The blonde stunner, from Vancouver, Canada, is one of the many to have joined the so-called ‘no bra’ club despite the impressive size of her boobs.

But whilst her girls may now feel less restricted, Nicole claimed that some people have demanded she put a bra on.

Not one to listen, the young woman chuckled, saying that won’t happen any time soon.

Posing in a white sheer crop top, Nicole shared a video on TikTok hitting back at all the meanies.

”Oh no, I can’t do that. No, I’m not doing that. I’m sorry.

”Sorry not sorry,” the Canadian beauty added in the caption of the clip.

Unlike Nicole who’s given up on wearing a bra, Loren Herrera has ditched knickers – even when working out.

However, fed up of all the creasing and bulging, the gym enthusiast took to TikTok to urge the popular apparel retailer Lululemon to improve their design.

Tagging the brand, Loren wondered: ”Lululemon, why don’t you make a legging that has a little kind of like a pantyliner action […] for us with vaginas?

”Cause listen, I don’t need to be at the gym on the leg press and have gym bros looking at my lady bits.

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”And it’s not comfortable,” she moaned in the now-viral video.

”I want it smooth, cupped, supported. But I don’t want it like super thick, you know.

”A little something there would be great. Think like maybe period underwear but not – something like that.

”If it was a little absorbent, that’d be nice too.”

Loren also added: ”Don’t tell me to wear a thong.”

But unfortunately for Loren, the reaction on social media wasn’t the one she had anticipated.

One TikTok fan laughed, sharing their solution to the problem: ”maybe…underwear.”

Another agreed, adding: ”No one’s looking at your sh*t.”

However, there were also a few of those who shared the same opinion, such as this woman: ”Arguably your best video to date! Lulu needs to get on board.”

”I haven’t had children and would still appreciate the extra support in those leggings,”a second wrote.

”Like seriously not all of us want are stuff out for the world.”