I’m a 54-year-old chubby lady, my hack transforms me into the ultimate catfish – people can’t believe it

A WOMAN who describes herself as a “54-year-old chubby lady” has shared how she has mastered transforming herself into the ultimate catfish. 

She said that the before and after shots are so drastically different that some people have even said that they couldn’t believe it was the same person in both. 

The social media user shared her before shotsTiktok – @cerealkilla317The 54-year-old then unveiled the big transformationTiktok – @cerealkilla317

But what’s her secret?

TikTok’s brand new “bold glamour effect” filter – a trick that has gone viral thanks to the fact that it takes someone’s face and then gives it a “glow-up”, which many have described as “the ultimate catfish”. 

Countless TikTokers have tried it out for themselves, as they rush to see how the filter will alter their looks – with bigger more plumped lips and a full face of make-up two of the most common elements. 

So it wasn’t long before social media user @cerealkilla317 decided to get in on the action and see what all the fuss was about. 

Cereal Killa, who has 29.7k followers on the social media platform, posted a video on her profile where she said she had serious doubts that it would work its “magic” on her.

She wrote: “There’s no way this filter will work on a 54-year-old chubby lady…”

Cereal Killa explained: “Everyone’s using this filter and so we’ve got to see what it’s about.”

She then filmed herself as she looks day to day, before clicking onto the filter to see the transformation in front of her eyes. 

In seconds, she appeared back on the screen with much more pronounced features.

Her hair appeared to have added shine and the pink colour looked more vibrant, the colour of her eyes popped and her cheekbones appeared more defined.

Meanwhile, it had completely smoothed her face out and removed any imperfections along the way. 

After witnessing it for herself, Cereal Killa said she couldn’t believe the results: “Now this filter is the chef’s kiss.”

She added that she was a big fan of the “filter fun”, as her followers took to the comment section to leave their opinion.

There’s no way this filter will work on a 54-year-old chubby lady…

One wrote: “WOW! Beautiful.”

A second said: “Best one yet.” 

Elsewhere in the comments, many described the transformation as a “shock” and even that it should be considered “witchcraft.” 

But while some people can’t get enough of it, others have said how it could be considered dangerous and questioned it.

One wrote: “Can I just say all of us women are absolutely gorgeous without this filter!

“Know your worth.”

A second was in agreement as they typed: “I think you look better without the filter – love you hair colour.”

While a third said: “Nobody needs to be using this filter, you’re beautiful.”

The filter has been described as many as ‘ultimate catfish’Tiktok – @cerealkilla317