I have big boobs – I did a professional photo shoot and was so confused by how the photographer edited my chest

A LARGE-chested lady has been left in hysterics after noticing a major change made to her body in a professional photo.

While the old saying claims that the camera adds 10 pounds, she found the opposite to be true following the photo shoot.

TikTokA social media user who goes by Vesly shared a hilarious photoshop moment[/caption]

TikTokIn one photo, the woman’s chest appeared to be its normal size[/caption]

TikTokBut in the edited version, the woman’s chest appeared much smaller[/caption]

In a video, 23-year-old Vesly (@veslybea) comedically recounts when she and her family went to get professional photos taken.

“So when I saw this picture I’m like, ‘Wow I’m looking real good,” she said at the start of the clip

She went on to say through laughter: “Wait a damn minute. I’m missing something,” while motioning at the family photo.

Apparently, the photographer modified her large breasts while editing the photos, making them appear significantly smaller.

Vesly explained a possible reason for the photo alteration.

She said: “I did tell him if I’m looking extra chunky to reduce me a little bit, but that’s not what I meant.”

She then showed two photos from the same day that featured her unedited chest for comparison’s sake.

The untouched photos proved that the busty woman’s chest was significantly reduced in the picture in question.

Vesly further clarified in the comments section: “Y’all, I asked him to slim me – as in stomach, arms, and face. NOT boobs LOL.

“My sisters asked for the same but he only did me – that’s why I’m weak!”

People shared their thoughts about the photo fiasco in the comments section.

“Sis, I would have taken him to small claims,” one person joked.

“Your laugh is so infectious,” another added.

“That touch-up is insane,” someone else noted.

“PLS you can literally see where they edited it too, I’m SCREAMING,” a fourth commented.

“LMFAO I’m sorry, I laughed so hard,” an amused spectator wrote.

“Naaah, you look so good without that edit he’s trippin,” a final user complimented.

The video garnered more than 236,000 likes and 1,500 comments.