I’m in the no-bra club – nobody can make me wear lingerie and I have a great way to escape if they do

A PROUD member of the no-bra club shared her secret on how to get out of wearing lingerie.

Natalie Rogers Soto (@ItsNatalieRogers) is a content creator on TikTok with nearly 550,000 followers.

TikTok/itsnatalierogersNatalie Rogers [right] refuses to wear a bra and will even run away if someone brings one to her[/caption]

She creates lifestyle and fashion content while running her own clothing business, Klassy Network.

On her account, Natalie is always showing off new products from her fashion line in the form of outfit hauls and “Get Ready With Me” videos.

One product she’s always showing off is her “brami” top.

A brami is a piece of clothing that combines elements of a bra and a camisole.

Because of how comfortable the brami is, Natalie says she refuses to wear a bra.

In a TikTok, Natalie and her friend are seen running away after they are approached by someone holding two bras.

“When someone tries to get you to wear a bra,” read the text overlay.

Natalie and her friend immediately run out of the room while holding hands as Nobody by Mitski plays in the background.

The video received several comments from people who agreed with Natalie’s struggle.

“RUN RUUUUUUNNNN” wrote one person.

Another commented on the comedic run from the two women: “No shoes too,”

A second person also pointed out the pair’s lack of shoes.

“Barefoot too??”

“This was me and my teachers in HS (I’m the one running ofc) I would always wear bralette,” wrote another person.

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TikTok/itsnatalierogersNatalie created an item called a ‘brami’ and says that it was ruined bras forever for her[/caption]