Capricorn weekly horoscope: What your star sign has in store for March 5 – 11


DEC 22 – JAN 20

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A moon of switching goals sets your sights on a dream that’s unusual, yet exactly right

You may have been finding  it tricky to tell important people how you really feel, but this week, you don’t just find the right words, you use them in unique ways. 

Perhaps to support people in the same situation as yourself. 

Venus goes all out for pure romance, perhaps love at first “J” sight. 

A moon of switching goals sets your sights on a dream that’s unusual, yet exactly right.

DESTINY DAYS: Bring the laughter on Monday and Tuesday – lighten the work mood. 

Make sure you have all the cash info you need on Friday.  Focus on what’s great about love on Saturday. 

LUCKY LINKS  A picture of three boats. 

The sound of children playing. The supermarket aisle linked to pets.

SATURN RE-SET: Maybe you’ve let yourself be silenced, or misinterpreted, too many times over the last few months – and as Saturn moves signs, this phase can end. 

It won’t always be pleasant, or popular, to be honest in what you say, and why you say it – but ultimately it will win you respect. And a new way forward. 

So do close down any tendency to say what you think others want to hear.

You owe them, and yourself, the truth. 

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