Aquarius weekly horoscope: What your star sign has in store for March 5 – 11


JAN 21 – FEB 18

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Emotionally you surprise yourself by being tougher, and softer, at the same time

You have a chart of two very different halves – but both can work for you, make you stronger.

Closing your mind to fixed ideas about making, spending or saving money can bring back a business idea that’s been on your back burner. 

This time, with Saturn support, it can push straight through. 

Meanwhile emotionally you surprise yourself by being tougher, and softer, at the same time – to the same person.

DESTINY DAYS: Tuesday is your day to step up at work.

On Wednesday, check back through messages. Friday is great for finding missing items, or information.

LUCKY LINKS: A group who make travel plans together. 

Your family member with the shortest name. Three birth dates combined.

SATURN RE-SET: You have the kind of mind that makes sense of any situation, when you decide to try. 

And now, with the long-term security, and short-term strategy, of Saturn taking over in your financial sector,  it’s money matters you are ready to review. 

You have so much more than unique ideas – you have a genius level of understanding of finance, what it can do – and what it can’t. 

You won’t be rushed to reach some life-changing decisions, because you know these are for keeps.   

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