Beauty fan praised for her easy hack to make gradual tan more bronzed – some even call it a game changer

A FAKE tan enthusiast has shared a game-changing hack to make your complexion more bronzed.

Like most of us, Francesca Lucia loves fake tan – but according to her, there’s an easy way to up your tanning game even more.

TikTok/@francesca.lucia_According to the beauty fan, you can up your fake tan game with an easy trick[/caption]

TikTok/@francesca.lucia_The secret, she revealed, is adding your favourite tanning mousse to your gradual tan[/caption]

The young woman, who posts under the username @francesca.lucia_, took to TikTok to reveal her top secret – and people couldn’t believe they hadn’t thought of the hack earlier.

The answer, she said, is quite simple – all you need to do is add tanning mousse to your gradual tan.

In the video, Francesca demonstrated it with a bottle of Summer Body by Garnier and a generous drizzle of St Tropez Express Bronzing Mousse.

After combining the two products together, the tanning fan gave the bottle a good shake.

”Just love a dark tan,” Francesca said in the caption, claiming the tan will fade ”really evenly”.

To avoid bring orange hands the next morning, the beauty whizz reminded her followers to give them a proper wash afterwards.

Since being uploaded on the popular video-sharing platform, the clip has gone viral, racking up over 600k views and more than a hundred comments.

Many praised the woman for the hack, with one writing: ”This is such a good idea.”

Someone else said: ”i add tanning drops to it.”

”why didn’t we think of that,” a third had tagged their pal and wondered.

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But if you’ve woken up with patchy hands, feat not – TikTok fans are raving about an easy trick that will remove the mess in an instant.

Grace Nicoll, from Scotland, is an avid fake tan user and definitely knows what she’s doing.

In her video, titled “How to remove fake tan from your hands. BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE!!’’, the radio presenter used Fairy washing up liquid and applied it on her dark hands.

“Try not to lather it up,’’ suggested the radio presenter.

“Make it almost this gel.’’

Next step, according to Grace, is getting a damp cloth.

”Give it a good scrub in up and down motions, and you will see it will start to come off slightly.’’

This won’t give you an instant fix – you do have to repeat the action a few times – but she insisted:  “Look at my nice, clean hands! Trust the process!’’

“Give your hands a wee rinse and a dry-off,” demonstrated the award-winning presenter.

“And you should be good to go!”

“LIFE SAVER THANK YOU,” a fellow fake tan fan left a comment.