I’m a cleaning pro – the mistakes people always make that leave your home dirty and smeary even AFTER cleaning

AN AUSSIE cleaning whizz has shared her top tricks and tricks to ensure your home is spotless in seconds.

The guru, from the sunny coasts of Sydney, Australia, took to TikTok to reveal the biggest Do’s and Don’ts when it comes to cleaning.

According to the Aussie pro, you should start cleaning top to bottom not vice versaTikTok/@spotoncleaningsydneyTo make any fixtures sparkle, use a dry cloth – this will avoid water marksTikTok/@spotoncleaningsydney

Dry dust

According to Spot On Cleaning, people always forget about an important step when it comes to removing dust.

Sharing the expert advice, the pro explained: ”Always dry dust before wiping a surface.

”By doing this, you’re removing dirt and dust to reduce the chance of spreading once water or product is applied.”

This, it was noted in the video, means you are cleaning and sanitising the area effectively, leaving no dust behind.

Nooks and crannies

When it comes to Do’s, the expert urged her 58.2k fans to give extra care to those smaller spaces and crannies we usually forget about.

”Do clean in those small and awkward spaces because most of the time there’s hunk or build-up underneath.

”You probably don’t know what’s there until you actually clean from under there.”

Make fixtures sparkle

To shine fixtures the Aussie advised fellow cleaning enthusiasts to use a dry cloth.

”Never use a wet cloth, as this is just gonna let the water sit on there and it’s not gonna shine, and it’s gonna be streaky.”

Top first

The fourth major mistake people make, Spot on Cleaning revealed, is not following the right order.

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Instead of cleaning bottom to top, the guru told her fans to go top first.

”Always work from top to bottom rather than the other way around.

”By doing this, you are bringing all of the dirt and dust down so that you are able to clean it at the end on one level.”

Fresh cloths

The Aussie’s final tip was to not use the same cloth for everything.

”Always use a clean cloth for each surface. You don’t want to get those dirty smears.

”And make sure to clean in your shower and in-between those gaps in the toilet.”

If you’re looking to clean your shower, the guru recently shared a 55p hack to remove grim soap scum – and it’s so simple too.

She posted a clip to the video sharing platform, demonstrating her method, with the caption ‘The easiest way to remove soap scum from your shower glass.’

She said: “If you have soap scum build up on your shower glass and you want to remove it, here is how I easily transform this shower screen from this, to looking brand new, using Fairy dishwashing liquid.

“First start by wetting your Scrub Daddy and adding some dishwashing liquid to it.

“Start scrubbing on the glass – this is going to help remove and loosen the soap.

“Then rinse off the shower glass, I’m using a bucket of water.

“Then use a Squidgy to remove all of the excess water.

“And to finish off, make sure to clean the outside of the shower glass too. 

“This is how I clean all of the showers that have built-up soap scum.

“It’s so simple and effective.” 

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